20 WordPress Themes for Your Event Website

March 9, 2011   |   AUTHOR: Julius Solaris   |   POSTED IN: wordpress

This post showcases some of the hottest WordPress themes to make your event website look amazing.

I’ve covered extensively how WordPress is a fantastic alternative to create a fully functional, cutting edge website for your event when on a limited budget.

A common mistake is that when you have decided to opt for WordPress as your event Content Management System (CMS) you rely on free themes to handle the look and feel of the website.

While this can be a good practice for a personal blog, I feel it is not what you should do for your event for a number of reasons:

- Your website will look like thousands using the same theme. You will end up loosing that wow factor that captures attention and converts in ticket sales.

- You won’t get any support whatsoever. You will end up searching on forums for the answer to usually straight forward problems. Some premium themes providers offer fantastic support.

- You won’t get 100% integration. The beauty of premium themes is that you can buy themes that perform specific functions (eg eCommerce). Having a specific function in mind when designing a theme makes integration seamless and delivers 100% control. On the other hand going with free themes will force you to add specific functions on top of the theme (as plugins) and that does not always work out the way you planned it.

Now that I have your attention, I will present you with some beautiful WordPress options for your event website. Bear in mind that you do need to have some knowledge of HTML, CSS and WordPress and also that the links are affiliates, mostly because I use all of the mentioned providers myself.


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Smashing Event Capabilities:

1. Events Theme [Templatic]

2. Church Theme [StudioPress]

3. Diarise Theme [WooThemes]

Entertainment & Festivals Friendly

4. Backstage Theme [WooThemes]

5. Caffeinated Theme [WooThemes]

6. Amped Theme [StudioPress]

Corporate Event Planning and Conferences

7. Corporate Theme [StudioPress]

8. Delegate Theme [WooThemes]

9. Crystal Theme [StudioPress]

Media Intensive

10. WooTube Theme [WooThemes]

11. Groovy Video Theme [WooThemes]

Less is More

12. Showtime Theme [Themeforest]

13. Productz Theme [Templatic]

14. Awake Theme [Themeforest]

Hip and Cool

15. Biznizz Theme [WooThemes]

16. Inspire Theme [WooThemes]

Attendees Community & Backnetwork

17. Answers Theme [Templatic]

Tourism and Location Based

18. Hospitality Theme [Templatic]

19. Destination Theme [Templatic]

20. Geo Places Theme [Templatic]

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