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10 Event Trends for 2012

Hello dear readers. Here is my small present for the holidays. I published a similar presentation last year that was well received on Slideshare, with several thousands interactions. This year I was a bit skeptical before publishing it, due to the dozens of imitation attempts and to the… Read more

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Facebook Introduces Events Suggestions

Facebook is taking events seriously. They recently refurbished event pages introducing new interesting features for event planners. News is that they introduced a new feature called Suggested Events. How does it Work? The wonders of the open graph are fuelling what looks to be a great… Read more

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Create a Youtube Channel For Your Event in Less Than 30 Minutes

I’ve covered the importance of Youtube for your event marketing on a number of occasions. Above all, I cannot stress enough that Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. If we are talking acquisitions (i.e. new customers), I strongly suggest using Youtube to fuel videos from… Read more

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Make Your Conference Mobile in Seconds with EventBoard

EventBoard is a service that creates a multi-platform mobile conference program for the benefit of attendees and organizers I had a chat last week with Mike at EventBoard and he took me through what I think it’s a kick ass mobile conference programme maker. We talked in the past about what… Read more

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Use Eventbrite Like A Pro: Facebook Integration

This is a sponsored post by Eventbrite. For more information about sponsored posts click here. Last month we looked at integrating Eventbrite for better event marketing and reporting. This month I’ll show you how you can integrate Eventbrite and Facebook to sell event tickets directly from… Read more

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The Impact of New Twitter on Events

Yesterday Twitter announced a major overhaul of their platform. Here is what you need to know and the impact of the new changes on events. I believe Twitter is event driven. I started saying this back in 2007, when not a lot of us event lovers were paying attention to this revolutionary social… Read more

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The Best Posts in November

Hey dear reader, how are you? Looking forward to the holidays? November has been the most prolific month in the past couple of years. It’s good to know thousands of you appreciated it. Keep an eye on the blog as December is usually full of surprises. In case you missed some of the… Read more

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20 Tools to Measure Event Marketing

This post is a follow up to a previous article on organizing your sales effort. Without measurement you are wasting your time. Here is how to track and measure the impact of your event marketing efforts. In times of crisis you are accountable for every penny spent on your marketing. Scarcity… Read more

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The Ultimate Guide to Selling More Event Tickets

This post is for those event planners who haven’t realized they are the no.1 salesperson of their event. In time of crisis, ticket sales go down. Here is how to sell out and go to bed with a big smile on your face. I see a lot of talk online on how to engage your attendees, how social media will… Read more

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Event Fun #2: The Goody Bag

Happy Thanksgiving! Some event fun for your holidays. If you are in Europe like myself, just some fun! Thanks to Chris Shipton of Livescribes, you can find him on Twitter @chrisshipton. The Goody… Read more

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