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Livestream and Storify Revamped. Events Can Celebrate

I posted 3 days ago on services that helped to share post event materials in a better way. Two top choices for event planners mentioned in the article are Livestream and Storify. It so happens that both of them had a major overhaul over the past two days. I thought to update you with the… Read more

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8 Indispensable Features for a Kick-Ass Event App

This is a guest post by Michael Heipel. He’s one of the (few) cool guys shipping great event marketing content in Europe. Michael is responsible for Marketing and Event Management at the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers WAN-IFRA. Among his duties are the organisation and… Read more

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Boosting Ticket Sales with Groupon. Genius or Stupid Idea?

I recently posted about the nightmare of getting close to your event with 50% unsold tickets. There are definitely strategies to sell event tickets at the last minute. When we’re in dire straits, everything seems to be plausible. Is group buying a good idea then? A bit of… Read more

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Share Post Event Materials Like a Pro

It looks like time’s up for conference proceedings. This post will help you to leverage social media to send post event materials like a true social media ninja. I was reading through our amazing Event Planning and Management LinkedIn Group, when I stumbled upon this interesting… Read more

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Innovating Conferences

Last week I had the chance to meet with fellow event blogger Gianfranco Chicco from Conference Basics, one of the best blogs about events out there. We’ve been postponing a double feature for a while now, but finally we managed to shoot an interview. Who is Gianfranco? Gianfranco is… Read more

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Top 10 Facebook Event Pages

Lots of readers asked to showcase the best Facebook event pages. I collected some of the best according to different uses and objectives. Facebook is becoming a must have for event marketing and amplification. Facebook loves events; event planners and venues love Facebook. The number of tools… Read more

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Event Fun #1: Bieber

Here is a comics strip that will run monthly for the next 6 months on the blog, thanks to Chris Shipton of Livescribes, you can find him on Twitter… Read more

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EMBlog Job Board: Find and Post Event Planning Jobs

In such turbulent times we may find ourselves in need of a new job. That is why we are launching the Event Manager Blog Job Board. In the past years I got to know you really well. That is why I am trying to expose the best jobs available worldwide in the event planning industry. The board… Read more

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The Rise of Visual Meetings

Some time ago I stumbled upon this post talking about how Olgivy partnered with ImageThink to deliver a new way of taking notes for events and effectively create a storyboard for what was discussed. Visual Thinking is a growing trend in events. Event planners are effectively hiring cartoonists… Read more

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Social Media Strategy for Busy Event Planners in 6 Easy Steps

So much to do and so little time. This is the life of an event professional. We are busy trying to make everything work and things to do keep piling up. On the other hand social media are becoming an integral part of our marketing mix. This is also the case for customer service over social… Read more

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