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Proximity Will Change Events for Good

Proximity is the latest buzzword in the app arena. This post looks at how proximity will impact the way we plan, consume and promote events. Dear reader, location is so 2008. Proximity is where the fun is at. What is Proximity Anyway? Full credit to ReadWriteWeb for spotting the… Read more

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Is Foursquare Introducing Event Check-ins?

Dennis Crowley, co-founder of Foursquare, last wek talked about the future of the company and it sounds like events are going to be a part of it. When I met Dennis Crowley at Picnic’10, I must admit I did not know what to ask. If I’d meet him today, I would definitely know what to ask. And… Read more

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How to Make Your Event Rank Higher on Google

This post looks at ways to maximize the exposure of your event website in Google Search. Despite the hype on social media, SEO remains a rock solid foundation of eCommerce. ‘What has that got to do with me?’- you may ask. Well if you sell your event tickets online, congratulations, your… Read more

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Facebook Offline Vol. 2 – Renault at AutoRAI

This post investigates how Renault integrated Facebook offline during the latest AutoRAI Motorshow in Amsterdam. I’ve covered in the past how services such as Likify are revolutionizing online/offline integration. I’ve also discussed how Coca-Cola uses RFID to increase their fan base. On top of… Read more

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Why Your Event Needs to Start Online

This post looks at events that maximised their social media impact, became global and raised millions by starting and spreading online. In 2009, I introduced the definition of a ‘Contaminated Concept’. Allow me to refresh our minds: What is a Contaminated Concept? A Contaminated Event… Read more

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Youtube Introduces Live Streaming for Events

In a long awaited move Youtube introduced a live streaming service, specifically designed for events. How is it going to impact your event? I won’t write my usual intro on what Youtube is. If you don’t know what Youtube is, please unsubscribe now! Just kidding :-). However, a fact the… Read more

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Add a Community to Your Event Website with WordPress

This post looks at how to add a community to a WordPress based event website at no cost. I talked in the past how WordPress is an excellent solution for event websites. I’ve also presented 20 great options for making it look great. Now the time to introduce you to an often overlooked… Read more

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How to Run a Successful Events Business

This is a featured interview with David Jamilly sharing 10 tips on running a successful event planning and management business. For those of you who don’t know who David Jamilly is, well you are missing out. He is a successful entrepreneur, who made millions organizing events. In the… Read more

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10 Unmissable Tools for the Gantt Chart Guru

Gantt charts are the most enduring project management tools to help you organize actions in a timely perspective. The following posts looks at softwares and online services to be successful with Gantt charts. Awesome! Dear reader, you can talk to me, I hear you. Gantt charts are to us… Read more

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Webinar – Event Marketing 2.0: Expert Advice on Using Social Media

Save the date, my dear reader: 2PM EST – Thursday April 14, 2011 This will be a fantastic opportunity to get some practical advice on event marketing and social media. As well as to hear some incredible Italian accent from your beloved editor. Well, jokes aside, Cvent and MeetingsNet put… Read more

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