Event Manager Blog is the first blog for event professionals.

It was started on April 2007 by Julius Solaris, international speaker, author and former social media consultant for global brands.

It quickly became the most talked about blog about Event Technology Trends, Innovative Event Concepts and Social Media applied to the Event Industry. Thousands of event professionals from around the globe read EMBLog daily. The blog is also a reference for the event startup community, giving space to initiatives to support innovation in the event industry.

In 2010 the annual report ’10 Event Trends’ was born. For the next 4 years this was set to become the most viewed presentation ever to be created for the event industry. You can see the 2014 version here.

In March 2012 Event Manager Shop was born, an independent store dedicated to premium WordPress Themes designed for event professionals.

In May 2013 Event Manager Blog launched The Event App Bible, the most comprehensive analysis of event mobile apps. A strategic report featuring comparison tables and advice for those evaluating the purchase of a mobile app for their event. The report is free to download, no email required.

That was followed by the release in November 2013 of The Good Event Registration Guide, a free ebook with a compendium of 123 apps and an unprecedented analysis of their pricing.

Later in March 2014 the Event App Bible was updated with version 2 and in 2015 with version 3.

2014 was also the year of Social Media for Events, a free ebook about the use of social media in event

The three ebooks have been downloaded as of March 2015 more than 50,000 times.



The blog has been widely referenced. It tops all the rankings in its category and it has become a point of reference for the event industry when it gets to innovation, inspiration and innovative technology.


The blog has been the heart of the Event Planning & Management Group a 200,000 member professional community on LinkedIn that Julius Solaris founded in 2008.

Team and Contributors

Julius Solaris is the founder and editor of the Event Manager Blog. He is an international speaker and author on event technology trends and innovation.

Following a list of current contributors of the blog:


Dr Cathy Key has been working in the event technology industry since 2002. She is now an independent consultant and writer for Online Registration Review.


Becki Cross is Managing Director of Events Northern Ltd. Becki is particularly passionate about conferences, entrepreneurship and social media.

Shawna McKinley is a sustainability specialist who believes in the power of events to make the world a better place. She helps event professionals take practical steps to improve their events through zero waste and carbon conscious choices.

Holly Krenek is a Digital Native with a passion to help shape events and brands through storytelling and creativity. She brings to the table more than 10 years of experience in social media marketing, events and promotional management.

Kelli White has 10 years experience in event management, creative marketing and volunteer coordination. You can follow her @kellimwhite or learn more on her blog Cleverly Planned.


James Morgan is Co-Founder of Event Tech Lab and a lecturer at the University of Westminster. He has been producing events and brand strategies since 1989 and is passionate about educating the event professionals of the future.


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