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Julius Solaris is the editor of, he is an international speaker and author of The Good Event Registration Guide and Event App Bible.

6 Fresh Event Startups To Watch This Summer

Event professionals love technology and startups love the event industry. Here are six apps you may not know of that will help you run smoother events. A study from the Convention Industry Council calculated that the contribution of the meetings industry to the worldwide economy is in the… Read more

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The Best Posts of June 2014 on @EventMB

Time for our monthly roundup of the hottest articles on your favourite event blog. June was packed on great tips on Social Media, Productivity, Sustainability and Event Planning. In case you were busy planning your next event, here is a roundup of… The Best Posts in June 2014 1. 10 Things… Read more

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10 Things Productive #EventProfs Do Every Day

Productivity and event planning go hand in hand. Successful event planners are very productive. Here are 10 habits of productive event planners you can steal to kick off your week. I haven’t met a single event professional who is not very organised and effective at getting things done…. Read more

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Never #Fail Your Attendees Again

Here is a presentation about how simple mistake can ruin our events. Don’t let your attendees down ever again! I know you appreciated this article about making always the same event planning mistakes. We all make mistakes, but there is a big difference between occasional and repeated… Read more

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20 Good and Bad Tweets Attendees Will Send About Your Event

Is your event on Twitter? Well, probably you will see these tweets coming your way soon! Oh Twitter, don’t you love it? With its sarcastic, argumentative, serendipitous soul. A bit like us #eventprofs. After reading several hundreds of tweets about events I attended or organised, I made… Read more

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The Best Posts of May 2014 on @EventMB

Time for our monthly roundup of the hottest articles on your favourite event blog. May was fun and thought provoking. We are sure you agree! In case you were busy planning your next event, here is a roundup of… The Best Posts in May 2014 1. 20 Moments Every Event Planner Has… Read more

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Never Make These Social Media Mistakes Again!

Do you find yourself making these mistakes when planning or executing social media for your event? Here is a powerful presentation to fix them. A couple of months ago, I published a quite successful article about social media and events. It looks like there is a lot of need for clarity in… Read more

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10 Infographics for Event Content Managers

There is a new job in the event industry: the Event Content Manager. Here is why content is revolutionising events and how to make the most of content marketing for your events. ‘If you are struggling to find a job in the event industry or want to re-invent your career, if you have a passion… Read more

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Tyler: The Best Event WordPress Theme Out There

I am glad to announce the release of Tyler, our latest WordPress Event Theme. Here is what you need to know. After eight months in the making, I am very happy to announce the release of Tyler, an incredibly beautiful and powerful WordPress Theme for events. It comes after the huge success… Read more

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20 Moments Every Event Planner Has Experienced

Being Event Planner is the most awesome job in the universe. It comes with pain and joy. Join us with a smile on your face to see some of the iconic moments of every event planner’s career. You know what you need on a Tuesday (or Monday, Wednesday or Thursday) morning? A bit of relief from… Read more

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