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Julius Solaris is the editor of, he is an international speaker and author of The Good Event Registration Guide and Event App Bible.

Event App Survival Guide: Do’s and Don’ts

This post is written by Derrick Stomp, co-founder of twoppy and sponsored by twoppy. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. Event apps are hot, very HOT, no, EXTREMELY HOT! The last edition of the Event App Bible made this very clear. There are lots of providers, with… Read more

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20 Mistakes Events Make on Social Media and How to Fix Them

When it gets to social media for events, we’re all guilty of making mistakes. Here are a few common ones and how to fix them. If you’ve been involved in social from early days, you would have done a lot of mistakes. Language and etiquette have been mostly co-created by users in recent years…. Read more

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The Changing Nature of Trade Shows

Did you notice that trade shows are changing? As always change brings opportunities and risks. Here is what you need to know. Trade shows are evolving into new experiences. The exponential change we are witnessing is mainly due to technology and the economy. Technology Technology… Read more

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The Best Posts in February 2014 on @EventMB

Time for our monthly roundup of the hottest articles on your favourite event planning blog. February has been the most visited month of the blog, ever! Therefore this roundup is one not to be missed. In case you were busy planning your next event, here is a roundup of… The Best Posts in… Read more

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20 Event Planning Fails Our Guests Hate

It has happened to the best of us. Sometimes things go wrong. Some other times, it is actually our fault. This post is about the latter case. If you plan events, you will be familiar with failure. It is around the corner at every moment of our event. Failure is your friend, you have to… Read more

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Understanding Event Medical Planning

Event Management can be stressful. It’s #1 on event management for dummies. Even the most consummate professional will face an unexpected situation that causes them to get some grey hairs. When talking to event professionals, it’s a question I get asked a lot, and one that can often confuse… Read more

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Show Up! 15 Tips to Avoid No-Shows at Events

No one in the event industry likes no-shows. Yet this awful plague affects all types of events, small or big, free or paid, popular or fairly new. Here is your definitive guide to avoid no-shows at events. I used to plan free events. If you’d asked me what I hated the most about it, I’d… Read more

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See You at #CSES2014

Event Solutions Tradeshow and Conference is one of the top meetings for catering and event professionals. Come and meet Julius there and grab your $50 discount code. I have a special relationship with Event Solutions. Back in 2009 it was one of the first mainstream industry publications to… Read more

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A New Approach To Improve Networking at Conferences

A new research gives fresh insights to improve attendee networking at meetings and conferences. Learn all about it here. I just learned (thanks to Silvia Malesardi) about a piece of research published 2 days ago that looks at techniques to improve the networking experience at events. I… Read more

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10 Infographics to Plan Your Next Event

No secret we love infographics. Do you know what we love even more? Event infographics. Here are 10 infographics to turbo charge your event. There is something incredibly right about infographics. The delicate mix of data and visuals delivers immediate learning. Much more effectively and… Read more

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