10 Stress Free Tools to Broadcast Your Event

July 21, 2009   |   AUTHOR: Julius Solaris   |   POSTED IN: event technology

Did you check until page 15 of your Google Search results to find the best tools to stream events online with no luck? Here is a list of the easy to use, solution oriented tools. Most of them require few steps to get you up and running.

No excuses then, start broadcasting your event now!

What tools should you use to live stream events
Photo by abbyladybug via Flickr
Oovoo live chat room events
Oovoo is a video calling service. No difference from Skype there. Although a great, recently introduced functionality is the Video Chat Room.

You can create a room for your event, grab the code and embed it in your event blog/website. Access can be manged by password and you can promote the streaming by simply sharing a link.

Flixwagon mobile streamint youtube
Flixwagon is a great mobile streaming alternative. With a twist. It gives you the direct upload to Youtube functionality you were dying for.

Now that you told your attendees about your customized Youtube Channel, you will get a lot of user generated content to increase awareness of your event.

Yaika easy live streaming
Yaika stands out for its simplicity of use. It serves the same purpose of the most popular broadcasting clients, but with easiness embedded. We loved the chance of hosting an audio only channel.

Utagoe multi-chat events
OK the site looks a bit beta and it is not the quintessential interface you’d expect.

Connecting several webcams at the same time is something that you pay unrealistic amount of money for. Utagoe comes for free, so give it a go.

Livestream event streaming
Livestream is the major competitor of Ustream. Interesting to note the white labeled, pay per view solution. Worth investing for selling video. They just launched TwitCam, which allows you to start broadcasting immediately using your twitter credentials.

Coveritlive event live blogging
Coveritlive is THE live blogging platform. It allows easy and fast content publishing as well as incredibly easy to use media integration and (for the monetizers out there) advertisement publishing.

CamStudio event broadcasting
CamStudio belongs to the record-it-and-publish-it category. You tend to pay big bucks for this kind of software. CamStudio is Open Source and 100% free. It helps you in recording whatever is going on your screen.

Qik mobile phone event broadcasting
Qik is the most popular choice for mobile streaming. A great way to augment an event would be to empower your staff with a qik enabled phone instead of a boring/underutilized/expensive walkie talkie.

By doing that you are collecting precious interaction during the event for the masses to view online.

Audioboo event podcasting
Audioboo is the iPhone App everyone is talking about. Audioboo records audio and uploads it to your Audioboo account as well as blasting your ‘boo’ to twitter. That is live coverage as it is becoming and iPhones will be major players in this revolutions.

Ustream event broadcasting
What to say about Ustream. They were online streaming partner of the most popular events of 2008/2009. Among others Michael Jackson’s Memorial and President Obama’s inauguration.

The seamless integration with twitter and now Facebook, make it a fantastic choice for your event. It is extremely reliable and reactive to your hardware, which is what you are looking for in a video streaming software.

  • samueljsmith

    Julius – this is a great list! Webcasts have the power to help conferences and events reach out and connect with a much larger audience. On behalf of everyone reading, thanks for looking on page 15 of the google results!

    – Sam

  • samueljsmith

    Julius – this is a great list! Webcasts have the power to help conferences and events reach out and connect with a much larger audience. On behalf of everyone reading, thanks for looking on page 15 of the google results!

    – Sam

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