Calling All Event App Startups

February 16, 2013   |   AUTHOR: Julius Solaris   |   POSTED IN: mobile

This is a call for all those startups or established mobile app providers in the event industry to submit their app.


We are preparing a surprise for you dear reader. It is going to be the first of a few during 2013.

It has a lot to do with event mobile apps.

In order for us to prepare it properly we are calling for all event mobile apps to submit their app for our consideration.

What Apps Are We Looking For?

We are looking for two categories of Apps:

Event Guides and Attendee Networking Apps

Therefore if you tried an app for your event, forward this article and invite them to participate.

If you are about to launch, submit your app.

If you are an established app supplier, submit your app.

Do not tell us we did not warn you!

Photo by Chris Owens

  • Jade-Emma Nunn

    What about a lead capture app for exhibitors?

  • Julius Solaris

    Yep !

  • Ewa Grabowska

    what’s the cost? what’s the catch? 😉

  • Julius Solaris

    No cost – no catch. As always :-)

  • Joshua Ness

    Very cool, Julius! When is the submission deadline? We’re in the process of a site redesign and want to have the best possible snapshot to show you.

  • Julius Solaris

    1st week of March would be great

  • Trish MacDonald

    Hi Julius,

    Are we too late?! I see you stated the first week in March is the deadline. Is there a hard date or are you by chance still open to a last minute submission? We very much want to throw our hat in the ring!

  • Julius Solaris

    Go for it no probs!

  • Trish MacDonald

    Great, thank you! What is the absolute latest you’ll take a submission? We’ll aim to get ours in today/tomorrow, but just in case… 😉

  • Julius Solaris

    Middle next week should be fine!

  • Trish MacDonald

    Cool, thank you!