INTRODUCING The Good Event Registration Guide

The Most Popular Report to Evaluate, Compare and Understand Event Registration and Ticketing Platforms.


Research, strategy and tips to understand Event Registration.

Gain the intelligence nobody shares to make registration a success.

Cut through the noise and make decisions that work for your event.

maximize registrations and ticket sales with proven strategies.

OVERVIEW Learn how to maximize your event registration and ticketing strategy

The new and updated 2015 version of the Good Event Registration Guide

  • 773 Qualified Event Planner Respondents

    Learn from what other event professionals value in event registration.

  • Make Your Registration Platform Work Harder

    Event registration is a technology and a business driven decision which impacts on your event success.

  • Compare 97 Event Registration Providers

    We have listed an overview, the key features, pricing and location for the top ticketing platforms available.

CHAPTER DETAILS What You'll Find Inside

  • Trends in Event Registration

    What does a modern event registration system look like and most importantly what do event professionals expect in registration and ticketing platforms?

  • Factors Influencing Selection

    The report outlines 12 of the most common considerations that can affect decision making in terms of the registration provider chosen.

  • The Most Important Features

    Your strongest ally in cutting through the sales noise to make fact-based decisions for your registration platform.

  • Glossary

    The handy glossary explains some of the terminology event organisers will encouter when researching different registration and ticketing options.

  • How to Maximize Registrations for Your Event

    Strategy to ensure that visitors to your site complete the registration process and the best possible conversion rates.

  • Common Mistakes and Pitfalls

    Don't make these common mistakes when setting up your online registration site!


MEET THE AUTHOR Julius Solaris

Julius Solaris is the editor of Started in 2007, is a popular blog worldwide for event professionals, covering topics such as event planning, social media and events, event technology, event trends.

He has been named one of 25 most influential individuals in the Meeting Industry in 2015 by Successful Meetings Magazine.

CO-AUTHOR Becki Cross

Becki Cross is MD of UK based event management company Events Northern Ltd, established in 2004.

Organising conferences and corporate events is Becki’s passion and she enjoys incorporating event technologies and social media into the mix.

Becki is the Deputy Editor and Contributor to EventMB, her dream job alongside event planning!

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