Free Gantt with Google

October 30, 2008   |   AUTHOR: Julius Solaris   |   POSTED IN: software

Google just introduced a gadget to easily create Gantt charts.

The Google Docs Blog inform us that Gantt charts are now easy to create and shareable. If you mess up with offline spreadsheet you possibly want to look at this option.

Gantt charts are useful for a number of events, from wedding planning to conferences, from parties to fundraising events.

To be up and running in few moments:

– Get yourself a Google account. It can be whatever, Gmail, Youtube, Picasa, Google Reader, etc.

– Log into Google Docs

– Hit “New” -> “Spreadsheet”

– A new window will open with your brand new spreadsheet

– Click on “Insert”-> “Gadget”

– Scroll down and you’ll find a handy Gantt Chart option

– Follow the video above to create yours


– It’s not the most advanced and precise software/online solution of Gantt


– It does the job

– You can share it easily online and collaborate with your colleagues

Link to Google Docs Blog