Free Webinar: How Tech Is Changing Events

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How Technology is Changing Events is a presentation I gave to selected audiences around the world. Here is the chance to hear it for free in an exclusive webinar.

Event Tech Webinar

I teased you with the infographic. I’ve announced I was going to present this at selected events around the world.

The time has come to hear it first hand.

How Technology Is Changing Events has been a very successful presentation. Few times I’ve received such positive feedback.

I’ve researched dozens of sources to establish what tech was really effective based on data, rather than gut feeling.

You Should Do This, You Should do That

How upsetting is to get such advice? I stumble upon articles, presentations and how to posts that suggest to do stuff.

Rarely these tips are backed by research. They masquerade gut feeling or worse, just a Google search, as bullet-proof recommendations.

This presentation has been quite revolutionary because it suggests data driven event technology strategies, to save you budget and frustration.

Because failing with tech can be very frustrating. Therefore advice should be targeted, accurate and research grounded.

What Will We Talk About?

Is a community for my event a good idea?

Will running a hybrid event impact on in-person attendance rates?

Is a mobile event app a good investment?

What is the impact of social media on selling event tickets?

If the above questions sound like you, I strongly suggest to attend.

I am sure you will enjoy the light tone of the presentation – I promise it will be fun – and most of all it is an opportunity to interact and ask questions about your event.

…And It’s Free

Thanks to the awesome team at SignUp4, who provide registration and event apps for the most demanding event professional, the event is completely free to join.

When? Wednesday, July 24th | 10am EST – You can check the time in your timezone at the link below.

Here is the link to sign up for this unique opportunity and attend the webinar.

Opportunities like this won’t happen often over the next six months so make sure to be there. I can’t wait to answer your questions.

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