5 Ways to Create Fresh Perspectives at Your Next Event

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Meeting planners and event managers know the drill – jam-packed event schedules, multiple-day conferences, and lots of sitting for attendees. We see our clients and guests struggle with it every day. As an event planner, how do you keep your audience engaged and active during long conferences and meetings? Here are a few ideas we’ve gathered from observing our clients in action.

5 ways to create fresh perspectives at your event

Team Building + Exercise = Fresh Perspectives

Studies show that a short aerobic workout gives your brain an immediate boost. Just doing one workout has been proven to immediately increase higher-order thinking skills. Imagine what your next event or conference would be like with increased thinking!

In addition to brain stimulation from exercise, team building activities create learning experiences attendees can apply to their everyday life. Team building is a beneficial approach to improve communication and problem solving. For event guests, team building activities provide opportunities for networking.

Make your conference, event, or meeting more productive and hands-on with these fresh perspectives designed get your audience moving and interacting.

Fresh Perspectives

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, physical or mental, activities for team building are designed to break up the classroom atmosphere of a meeting or conference. Follow these fresh perspectives to incorporate puzzles or games, physical activities, and interactive and experiential learning activities into your next event, conference, or meeting.

Outdoor Break

There’s nothing like stepping outside after sitting inside at a conference or meeting for hours. Give your attendees a breath of fresh air with outdoor interactive or physical activities. Take a short walk, plan a brief outdoor activity or take a portion of the event outside and help break up a long day. Attendees will appreciate the fresh air and feel energized when they return to the event or conference.

Mix It Up

If outdoor space isn’t available, stimulate productivity and engagement inside the meeting space with puzzles and games. While puzzles and games may sound simplistic, they are useful tactics to inspire creative thinking. Puzzles and games use scenarios to encourage intellectual problem solving and attendees can immediately apply what they learn during the conference or event in a simulated real life situation.

If you have short breaks between event sessions, try classic ice breakers to liven up the agenda and get people moving in these brief timeframes.

Get a Brain Boost

Getting the heart moving improves blood flow to the brain and, as a result, improves cognition – the process of acquiring knowledge.

Charles Hillman, professor of kinesiology and community health at the University of Illinois, found that as little as 20 minutes of aerobic exercise at 60-70% of your maximum heart rate is enough to boost your brain power and learning ability for the next few hours.

Whether it’s a group jog in the morning or mid-day yoga, incorporating physical movement into events and conferences gets brains stimulated and thinking. Quick spurts of movement, such as having attendees stand up and stretch, can also be a positive method to boost thinking and engagement.

In Conclusion

Integrating team building and exercise into events and conferences engages and motivates attendees. Look for ways to get up and get moving, and even get out of the conference room.

Create a fresh perspective at your next event!


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