Get More Facebook Likes With Likify

I see lots of talking and much less walking about online/offline integration.

Therefore when I stumble upon initiatives such as Likify, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

twitter-for-event-planners Quick Tweet
Likify lets your attendees Like your Event with QR Codes

I am sure you have been using QR Codes for a while now in your offline communication. Likify links the code to a page where attendees will be able to Like your event.

Gosh you gotta love Likes. The more Likes the more people will learn about your beautiful event.

Therefore whack a Likify code right know on your brochure and you could finally have a way to measure the ROI on all the money spent on print.


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Julius Solaris
Julius Solaris is the editor of, he is an international speaker and author of The Event App Bible, Engaging Events, Social Media for Events, The Good Event Registration Guide and The Annual Event Trends Report.
Julius Solaris
Editor, Julius Solaris

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