(More) Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Examples

Defining what to do when planning an event is definitely a pain in the neck. A WBS helps to relief such pain.

Coming up with a correct WBS could be a delicate task and that is why I felt there was the need for more examples. This post shows more WBS examples for different occasions.

This example goes through the planning and the operational phases.

This one is very useful to organize expenses on a budget.

Where to budget {Sorry gone} on WBS Levels

This example shows the promotional tour of a book

This is about promotion and selling requirements and here its relevant Gantt

The first level of a music festival, the second level, the third level and the Gantt (Sorry Images all gone)

Getting Things Done is David Allen simplification of project management applied to everyday life.

The process in itself is a Work Breakdown Structure that simplifies process. Here a nice wallpaper that explains the process or a summary of it.

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