The Need For Open Source Event Management Software

The open source movement is strong and continues to innovate in many fields but so far there is no open source event management software. Could we make it happen?

I get tons of email asking me for a suggestion for a complete open source event management software.

I must say I am a bit embarrassed with the subject because there is no complete solution for planning. There are a lot of good project management, paper submission, accounting, CRM, office suites softwares.

But not event management.

Event planning is a little of all the above. Therefore I am convinced that the discipline we love deserves a damn well software, comprehensive and free!

It is a paradox to me that the field where humans get pretty close to computers has no software to help.

Oh wait there are several softwares out there but you have to pay good dollars to get them.

Reality is that not all the event planners work in great companies with big monies. There are event planners like me that started their own business with limited resources. I have always stressed that a spreadsheet can help you in thousands of ways.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t be happy with a comprehensive event planning software, free and collaborative.

My Event – Open Source Event Management Software.

That’s why I submitted today to, My Event. This project aims to develop an open-source free GNU based event planning software. This is a call for everyone out there who wants to collaborate with competences in events, software development, cheering and support 🙂

I will keep you guys posted on approval of the project, in the meanwhile if you are interested send me an email, or if you have a “computer friend” you might want to talk to him and involve him in the project.

I think everyone will benefit from this and that we will have a lot of fun doing it!

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Julius Solaris
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