20 Signs Your Event Is From 1999

The Nineties were an amazing time of our lives. Beverly Hills 90210, The Matrix, Nirvana, the Millennium Bug. Remember? Well it’s time to forget. We’ve moved on and so have attendees. Time to get up to speed with some practical tips.

This is one of those posts I enjoy writing the most. One of those that cause controversy. Yet again that is my role in the event industry, to make you feel the hitch for change.

I could have written an immensely long post on all the different aspects of modern event planning and the use of technology in meetings. As it turns out, EventMB is about this very subject. No need for extra writing. I thought it was good to catch up on some articles out of the hundreds we published over the past few years to see how the industry and our job has progressed.

Here is a slide deck that showcases 20 practices that belong more to the ’90s than 2016.

Can’t see it? Click here.

As always you can react by being upset about it, by using the comment section to tell me how strongly you disagree with my statements. I am going to save you some time, you are right.

Some of the advice probably does not apply to you, your event, your context. Alas my objective is to make you think about what you do. Evaluate whether you are up to speed with cool things innovative event professionals are doing (remember, most of our advice comes from research rather than allegedly expert opinion).

So read it and digest it with an open mind. Grab that one tip that works for you and dismiss the others after careful evaluation.

After all, a little change might turn into extreme value for attendees.


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Julius Solaris is the editor of EventManagerBlog.com, he is an international speaker, author and consultant.
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Julius Solaris
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