PerfectTablePlan for your weddings and special events

PerfectTablePlan helps you in making wise seating choices, which you obviously don’t want to get wrong.

Andy sent me over a complimentary copy of PerfectTablePlan (now what a great way to be nice with me) for me to play and I loved it.

You know I am a fan of free software and possibly open source as well, but what the hell PerfectTablePlan is not just a small gadget, it actually helps and it is extremely cheap.

I don’t like guys charging hundreds of dollars and selling air, on the same perspective I am fine with those trying hard to make a living and passionate about something.

What I liked:

– Auto wizard once you have set the type of relationship between guests.

– Attention to details. Because it’s all about that. Being able to manage RSVP as well is key.

– Intuitive platform. You do not have to be Linus Torvalds to make it work.

– Importing feature. Import your spreadsheet and erase Excel from your system.

– Tutorials. They got very easy tutorials to guide you. It takes less than an hour to understand all the features

I found the program not buggy at all and funny. If you are planning a wedding you will love marking two people who are not meant to seat next to each other with a death-sign. Hilarious.

Regardless the pitching and promotion, which I am not fond of anyway, they have been very nice and seem very passionate and gentle. That definitely deserved our attention.

PerfectTablePlan Website

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