20+ Must Follow Pinterest Boards for Event Professionals

April 15, 2013   |   AUTHOR: Julius Solaris   |   POSTED IN: ideas

Pinterest is becoming an amazing source of inspiration for event professionals around the world. What boards should you follow if you are a pinning event professional? Here they are…

Event Startup Board on Pinterest

Pinterest is growing exponentially. But as you know, I don’t care about that. I pay attention to social networks that bring value to our tough profession. The thing is that it is a damn useful social network for event professionals. End of story.

If you are in search for event inspiration and this blog does not suffice, Pinterest can help in tons of way.

While on this blog I focus mostly on trends, technology and social media, looking through boards can inspire you in your event decor, speaker selection, food trends, and so on.

I am often times amazed by how boards curators find incredibly cool stuff from around the Interwebs.

If you are new to Pinterest, the following list is an amazing starting point.

1. Event Startups

Event Startup Board on Pinterest

When it gets to good stuff I love to be biased. Therefore I am going to start with Event Manager Blog‘s Board. This is a humongous collection of event startups. There are 750+ startups collected in this board.

If your startup has been left out, which I highly doubt, you can get in touch on Twitter and let me know. I’ll keep updating the list as new startups are born.

2. Event Decor: Events

Event Decor Wedding Board on Pinterest

This is a great board by Tara Skelley mostly focused around wedding decor. Some quirky and stylish ideas to apply to other kind of events as well.

There is a wealth of suggestions in regards to table and ambience decor, some awesome origami style invitations and lighting.

3. Event Decor: event: inspiration

Event Decor Inspiration Board on Pinterest

This board by Christina Leigh Events, this is only one of a series of amazing boards. There are incredible ideas to inspire your event decor.

Amazing settings and hard to find pictures from weddings and celebration around the world.

4. Venues Management: Event & Venue

Event Venues Inspiration Board on Pinterest

This board by Cave Man is a quite unique source of inspiration for venue setting. It features a fantastic collection of stages from around the world together with easy to digest visual advice on room setup.

5. Event Venues: Best 75 Meeting Hotels

Best Hotel Venues Board on Pinterest

Grupio is an event startup that is doing a terrific job on Pinterest. I love their boards. You can tell that there is a lot of effort in setting them up.

This board specifically has a list of the top 75 hotels around the world with incredible meeting facilities. I am extremely impressed by the sophistication and elegance of some them. It is an event planner venue bucket list.

6. Event Marketing: Event Marketing Tools

Event Marketing Tools Board on Pinterest

Energy Parks features this great collection of tools and technology to better market your event. It is a good combination of gadgets, infographics and blog posts. It gets often updated therefore worth the follow.

7. Event Marketing: Hospitality and Event Marketing

Hospitality and Event Marketing Board on Pinterest

Another interesting board on marketing with a wider focus on hospitality, brought to you by Sara Berner. The focus here is on infographics and who doesn’t love a bit of infographic inspiration.

8. Trade Shows: Trade Show

Trade Show board on Pinterest

This is a pin-rich and followed board about cool booths from wedding trade shows around the world. Abbey Fowler put a lot of attention in catching eco-chic ideas and simplicity in booth design.

A must if you exhibit regularly at all kind of trade shows.

9. Trade Shows: Trade Show

Trade show booth inspiration board on Pinterest

Sara Ardeleano offers another collection of booth inspiration for your trade show presence. This boards features tips, solutions and pictures on how to decor your trade show booth with style and simplicity.

10. Trade Shows: Triumph Events & Trade Shows

Trade Show Inspiration Board on Pinterest

There is no shame in publishing your work on Pinterest. It is the case of this board by Triumph Expo. I would call it a board from the trenches. It is great to see the path of our colleagues, what they produce and what they are up to. It can help us becoming better professionals.

11. NonProfit: Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas Board on Pinterest

If you work with silent auctions, look no further. This is an amazing niche board that features inspiring silent auction basket ideas. What I love about Pinterest is that you can find extremely specific boards and this is a superb example. Thanks to Gracie Cash.

12. NonProfit: Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Inspiration Board on Pinterest

This board features an extensive collection of food related fundraising ideas. It is definitely not all about food though. I loved the bracelet section – a personal favourite. Thanks to the Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life – Kentville.

13. Music Visuals: Music Festivals

Music Visuals Board on Pinterest

If you like to spend hours looking at visuals for your event, Belinda Jilbert has an awesome collection of visuals, brochures and invites from music festivals around the world. Cool.

14. Fun: Epic Event Fail

Epic event fail board on Pinterest

Ok this is a personal favourite. Being the geek that I am I love the concept of “Fail”. Long time friends of Busy Event came up with the excellent idea to start an event fail board. I must say this board is a total #win.

15. Fun: Fun Event

Event Fun Pictures Board on Pinterest

Slightly different from event fails but equally entertaining is this collection of funny and crazy pictures from an event near you. Jennifer Nemerson had the patience and perseverance to put it together and we thank her for that.

16. Team Building: Team Building

Team Building Inspiration board on Pinterest

If you work with team building you are constantly hungry for inspiration. This board by C. features a precious collection of tips, pictures and infographic to inspire your next team building session.

17. Corporate Events: Corporate Event Themes and Urban Beaches

Corporate event themes inspiration board on Pinterest

Anne Thornley-Brown, the manager of our LinkedIn group, is an authority when it gets to corporate events, incentives and team building. These two little but destined to grow boards are great to be inspired about corporate events.

18. Food: Event Cuisine & Cocktails

Event Cuisine Inspiration Board on Pinterest

This cute little board by The Event Bank seems to have started in the right direction. I love the food inspiration featured and it seems like it is a board to watch.

19. Food: Cakes!!!

Event Cake Inspiration Board on Pinterest

My friends at ISES cover a subject we can all relate to and with the right amount of exclamation marks. Cakes are the crucial ending of all memorable events, a cake board is a must follow board. Period.

20. Speakers: eSpeakers Marketplace Boards

Event speakers inspiration board on Pinterest

eSpearkers Marketplace thought, quite smartly so, to feature their speakers in different boards divided in categories. It is a great way to give exposure to speakers and it can help those who want to quickly skim through lots of speakers. This is not one board but multiple boards, therefore I suggest a “Follow All”.

In Conclusion

There hundreds of boards popping up all over Pinterest to inspire your next event. Please do use the comment section to suggest your favourites. I’ll include them in future roundups.

Needless to say that if you liked the post, go ahead and

  • http://www.eventchecklist.net/ Arwin Adriano

    Love this list Julius. I have been in Pinterest quite some time and I think I should include those as additional resource for my Pinterest account.

  • http://eventmanagerblog.com.com/ Julius Solaris

    Glad you liked it – if you have more let us know

  • http://twitter.com/eventsbeyond Courtney Kern

    Your missing a ton of the key players to follow in the events world. I follow some of the best of the best. I live, sleep and breath the events world. Check some of the people who I follow. http://pinterest.com/eventsbeyond/

  • http://eventmanagerblog.com.com/ Julius Solaris

    Thanks for you comment Courtney – I am not suggesting to follow influencers or key players, in fact I see very little value in that.

    If you have any interesting boards let the rest of us know. Boards are a fantastic source of inspiration and targeted ideas. Of course that is my opinion, but after all this blog is about my opinion :-)


    That is an awesome post. 20 amazing boards to inspire you to create epic events! This is definitely one to bookmark for future references. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://eventmanagerblog.com.com/ Julius Solaris

    Happy you liked it Bryan!

  • http://eventmanagerblog.com.com/ Julius Solaris

    Reader Lisa Humprhies http://pinterest.com/lisajhumphries/ – Points me to her amazing inspiration and wedding boards:



    2 More must follow!

  • http://www.eventchecklist.net/ Arwin Adriano

    Sure, no problem with that Julius.

  • http://twitter.com/eventsbeyond Courtney Kern

    Totally respect your point of view!

    For me I find value in finding people who have tons of active boards and inspiration verses those people who have boards with 3-40 pins. We find the ones who have filled boards, and lots of resources the most valuable time wise. Those people always following or pin great industry pros ideas, advice, and all things event related. Pinterest is just one amazing tool all around for both personal and professional. Too many fantastic people and boards too follow:)!

    Here is a great example of what happened last Fri night. I follow some key people and well I provide private small business consulting on the side of my event business. One of my NYC clients offers incredible wedding cakes. I was viewing a TV personal/celebrity wedding pinetrest board and saw she liked a certain cake. I suggested she come take a look at my clients work and come in for a tasting. Well sure enough she loved it and had her PR/event team book an appointment for cake tasting and now my client booked another celebrity wedding all from the 5 minute interaction I had with her on pinterest! She has now booked 3 celebrity weddings from and 2 random brides one that was a bride from TX. My client was able to ship her sugar flowers to TX for the simple 2 tier white wedding cake. I am hearing about this with event people, wedding vendors, and other companies.Huge reasons to follow some amazing top event industry people and boards. You just never know the value it can bring. Keep up the great blog posts!

  • http://eventmanagerblog.com.com/ Julius Solaris

    Makes sense. Thanks for sharing!

    If you have any cool boards to share post them here, you are more than welcome!

  • Heather

    Fun and helpful resource! I’m always looking for inspiration when writing my own event blog and this is a wonderful compilation of Pinterest inspiration. Thank you :)

  • http://eventmanagerblog.com.com/ Julius Solaris

    Plesure Heather, thanks for stopping by!

  • http://twitter.com/ASAPAndrea Andrea Peterson, CMP

    Julius, I am very partial to our board Food (Art) at http://pinterest.com/asapmtgsevents/. Here we are trying to share the unique in food as art for special events catering. I will be teaching a course in Catering/F&B Planning in Events at MSU in Denver soon, so this will definitely be a big area of inspiration! Enjoy! I need more followers!

  • http://twitter.com/stnmediagroup STN Media Group

    This is an absolutely great blog and we love this post! Thank you!

  • http://eventmanagerblog.com.com/ Julius Solaris

    Thanks for the compliments!

  • http://twitter.com/TheBayarean The Bayarean

    Great list! I wish there were more location specific boards to follow though, that would be even more amazing. Thank you!

  • http://eventmanagerblog.com.com/ Julius Solaris

    Next one for sure

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