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How Technology is Changing Events [Infographic]

Technology and Social Media are deeply changing the way we market, consume and measure events. How about a nice infographic to sum up the impact of this change? Last week I was at EIBTM. I had a blast. I also had the chance to speak to association planners about how to extend the reach of their… Read more

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The Best Posts in October 2012 on @EventMB

Holy moly what a month! The big news is that we had a facelift. If you haven’t checked the blog lately I sincerely invite you to have a look. I am sure you’ll enjoy it. Getting down to business, here’s what you missed last month… The Best Posts in October 2012 1. 25 Events You Must… Read more

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The New Decision Making Process Towards Attending Events

The way we decide to attend events is changing. This post helps you to understand how new technologies influence our prospective attendee decisions. Note: Let me warn you, it’s going to be a long and sometimes complex post. Bookmark it for future reference to better digest… Read more

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Event Startups: Movers and Shakers

New startups with bold ideas are popping up all over the place. Here are some interesting services you may or may not have heard of. I wrote a couple of posts (one and two) about innovative event startups. The results were quite amazing. – Lots of people shared the posts, commented and… Read more

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10 New Startups To Help You Run a Better Event

In this post, you’ll find a list of the new movers and shakers in the event startup scene. All of them have one objective in mind: to make your event better! Dozens of startups contact me every week to be featured on the blog. Satisfying them all is almost impossible. Hence why I decided to… Read more

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10 Event Marketing Tips

This is a guest post by Michelle Bergstein. Also known as the Event Marketing Maven, Michelle lives, eats and breathes marketing for the hospitality, event and meeting industries. You can find her on Twitter or on BeatCreative I got to admit, after reading Julius’ previous post the 10 biggest… Read more

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Events Marketing: Maximizing Facebook’s Market Share

This is a sponsored post by amiando. For information about sponsored posts click here. Online routines are a way of life these days. They’re as integrated into our existence as our morning cup of coffee. A typical web routine involves 7 regular sites that users visit religiously.  At least one… Read more

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Goodbye Live Tweeting, Hello Live Pinning

Have you heard of Pinterest? Yes right? What about live pinning? I just read the first report of live pinning on Mashable and I must say it is quite intriguing. Looks like fashion is once again innovating in the event industry. Gimme the News! St. Barth based fashion label Calypso St…. Read more

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Plancast Dies

It is with great shock I write the following post. I just finished reading this post at Techcrunch and I can’t really accept the news that Plancast is dying. I’ve been a fan of Plancast. I think they really nailed an aspects of our industry that most event technology companies or startups… Read more

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10 Event Trends for 2012: Free Webinar

10 Event Trends for 2012 is a presentation I published last week on this blog. I don’t believe any piece of content on event planning has ever had so much attention. The presentation was viewed over 40,000 times in a week. It was downloaded almost 300 times and favorited by dozens. Just… Read more

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