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10 Event Marketing Tips

This is a guest post by Michelle Bergstein. Also known as the Event Marketing Maven, Michelle lives, eats and breathes marketing for the hospitality, event and meeting industries. You can find her on Twitter or on BeatCreative I got to admit, after reading Julius’ previous post the 10 biggest… Read more

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Events Marketing: Maximizing Facebook’s Market Share

This is a sponsored post by amiando. For information about sponsored posts click here. Online routines are a way of life these days. They’re as integrated into our existence as our morning cup of coffee. A typical web routine involves 7 regular sites that users visit religiously.  At least one… Read more

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Goodbye Live Tweeting, Hello Live Pinning

Have you heard of Pinterest? Yes right? What about live pinning? I just read the first report of live pinning on Mashable and I must say it is quite intriguing. Looks like fashion is once again innovating in the event industry. Gimme the News! St. Barth based fashion label Calypso St…. Read more

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Plancast Dies

It is with great shock I write the following post. I just finished reading this post at Techcrunch and I can’t really accept the news that Plancast is dying. I’ve been a fan of Plancast. I think they really nailed an aspects of our industry that most event technology companies or startups… Read more

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10 Event Trends for 2012: Free Webinar

10 Event Trends for 2012 is a presentation I published last week on this blog. I don’t believe any piece of content on event planning has ever had so much attention. The presentation was viewed over 40,000 times in a week. It was downloaded almost 300 times and favorited by dozens. Just… Read more

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20 Tools to Measure Event Marketing

This post is a follow up to a previous article on organizing your sales effort. Without measurement you are wasting your time. Here is how to track and measure the impact of your event marketing efforts. In times of crisis you are accountable for every penny spent on your marketing. Scarcity… Read more

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Facebook Updates Events: What You Need to Know

Whenever Facebook introduces changes to its platform the resulting noise from coverage just leaves us a bit unclear on the true impact. This posts sums up the major changes and the implications for event lovers. Last week, Facebook implemented a small redesign of their event page. What is small… Read more

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LinkedIn Updates Events: What You Need to Know

LinkedIn introduced a number of changes to their Events section yesterday. Here is what you need to know. Publishing events on LinkedIn is becoming a routine marketing activity for event lovers. LinkedIn sometimes represents the only social channel for large conference organizers or event… Read more

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The Best Posts in October

October has been quite a busy month. Great posts, great comments, good vibes! My warmest welcome to our 3,000 new readers who decided to stop by. It’s good to have you around! In case you missed some of the action, here is a small recap. Top Posts, October 2011 1. Top 10 Facebook Event… Read more

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Innovating Conferences

Last week I had the chance to meet with fellow event blogger Gianfranco Chicco from Conference Basics, one of the best blogs about events out there. We’ve been postponing a double feature for a while now, but finally we managed to shoot an interview. Who is Gianfranco? Gianfranco is… Read more

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