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How to Use Content to Increase Event Ticket Sales

Increasing ticket sales is the number one issue for many events. In this article we take a data-driven approach to discovering the weak-link in your event promotion and marketing and look at ways to use content to improve you performance. Field of Dreams has a lot to answer for. The ‘build… Read more

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Crowdfunding for Event Professionals

Crowdfunding has become a popular way to raise money for special projects, including events. There are even technologies and online registration systems designed specifically to support crowdsourced events. In this article we look at how to be successful with crowdfunding – although it’s not… Read more

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How to Create a Sell-Out Event Website

Your website is the primary point of contact with your event and is your most important marketing tool. This article looks at ways that you can make a great first impression. If you care about selling more tickets, attracting exhibitors and bringing in sponsorship then you need to have your… Read more

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Using Loyalty to Make Your Event a Success

This post will be covering a few ideas that can be borrowed from loyalty programmes to make your event a success. Loyalty has been used in marketing for hundreds of years but it is perhaps in the past 40 years that we have really seen the growth of loyalty programmes such as airline frequent… Read more

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Event Startups Watch: 10 Services You Should Try Now!

At Event Manager Blog we love event startups. We keep an eye on the hottest and most innovative services to help you running a better event. Here are 10 freshly brewed startups to inspire your next event planning and promotion. The recent experience of Event Tech Circus has reinvigorated my… Read more

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Event Startups: Keep an Eye on These Up-and-Comers

What’s new in the event startup scene? Things are moving fast. Here are some of the cool kids changing the industry. By looking at Twitter, it feels like a new event startup is born every day. That is a great feeling. It is also the reason why we are supporting Event Tech Circus, the… Read more

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Why It’s a Must We Top Last Year’s Event. But How?

This is a guest post by Michelle Bergstein. Also known as the Event Marketing Maven, Michelle lives, eats and breathes marketing for the hospitality, event and meeting industries. You can find her on Twitter or online at BeatCreative Ok, please share! We hear it from corporate planners looking… Read more

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How Technology is Changing Events [Infographic]

Technology and Social Media are deeply changing the way we market, consume and measure events. How about a nice infographic to sum up the impact of this change? Last week I was at EIBTM. I had a blast. I also had the chance to speak to association planners about how to extend the reach of their… Read more

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The Best Posts in October 2012 on @EventMB

Holy moly what a month! The big news is that we had a facelift. If you haven’t checked the blog lately I sincerely invite you to have a look. I am sure you’ll enjoy it. Getting down to business, here’s what you missed last month… The Best Posts in October 2012 1. 25 Events You Must… Read more

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The New Decision Making Process Towards Attending Events

The way we decide to attend events is changing. This post helps you to understand how new technologies influence our prospective attendee decisions. Note: Let me warn you, it’s going to be a long and sometimes complex post. Bookmark it for future reference to better digest… Read more

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