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Developing your Personal Brand as an Event Planner

Being an event planner is extremely fun (most of the time). Those planners who stand out from the crowd as the best of the pack when it comes to dedication, hard work, creativity and achievements are those who have created a name for themselves in the sea of event managers around the… Read more

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How to Fall in Love with Your Event Attendees

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to acknowledge the people you care about and in this article we celebrate that very special relationship between event planners and their event attendees. I recently organized and facilitated a seminar series for a group of 50 people…. Read more

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Measure up Your Meetings

Whether you are trying to lose weight, run your best marathon or host an awesome event, measurement is the key to your success. In this article we look at the benefits of creating a measurement strategy for your events and how to avoid some of the pitfalls that can take you off… Read more

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Unlocking the Key to a Successful Digital Marketing Event Plan

A digital marketing plan is crucial for any event to come off without a hitch. As any event manager and marketing team who plans events year after year knows, capturing contacts or leads and converting them is only one objective that must be met when mapping out your digital marketing… Read more

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The Power of No: The Busy #Eventprofs Access to Profitability

As you launch yourself into 2015 you might be struck by just how much there is to do and handle. Have you noticed how life seems to get busier and busier? Recently I have heard people complaining that they are working harder than ever before and yet money continues to be an issue. Why is that?… Read more

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Is Your Event Making these Green Marketing Mistakes?

It’s great to see many events hanging out their green shingle these days. But are your green event marketing claims putting your event brand, product or service at risk? The following blog post discusses how greenwashing impacts events, and how you can reduce your risk. What is… Read more

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Brand Storytelling at Events

Good stories get read, maybe archived or used again once, but more than likely they get deleted. Great stories last a lifetime. Think about it – what stories come to mind from this year alone when you scroll through your brain index of the mass social, digital and mobile news articles you have… Read more

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18 Proven Tactics to Become an Event Social Media Superhero

Inspired by the research, tips and strategies explored in detail in the Social Media eBook I have created a quick fire list for how to be a social media superhero for your organisation and events! For more detailed strategy and approaches join the 10,920 Event Professionals that have already… Read more

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10 Ways to Bootstrap your Event Marketing

Only a small percentage of events have abundant marketing budgets. In most cases, event planners find themselves working with limited budgets and marketing is often one of the first line items to get slashed. Without marketing there are no sales and without sales there is no money. That’s why… Read more

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How to Avoid ‘Hit and Run’ Event Marketing [Free Ebook Download]

This is a sponsored post by Laurence Debruyne, Marketing Director, Sitecore UK. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. Your event was a success, you sold out all of the tickets, and your visitors enjoyed the event. Your marketing did what it had to do, just get in… Read more

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