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10 Ways to Bootstrap your Event Marketing

Only a small percentage of events have abundant marketing budgets. In most cases, event planners find themselves working with limited budgets and marketing is often one of the first line items to get slashed. Without marketing there are no sales and without sales there is no money. That’s why… Read more

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How to Avoid ‘Hit and Run’ Event Marketing [Free Ebook Download]

This is a sponsored post by Laurence Debruyne, Marketing Director, Sitecore UK. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. Your event was a success, you sold out all of the tickets, and your visitors enjoyed the event. Your marketing did what it had to do, just get… Read more

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4 Ways to Capitalize on the Power of Video Engagement

As an event planner, you want to entice your audience in every way possible to attend an event. Sure, there are the usual go-to’s when planning your event marketing strategy – some of those range from creating an engaging website with collateral downloads, information on how to get the event… Read more

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Boost Your Event Communication with Automation

This is a sponsored post by Kristen Carvalho, Content & Social Media Manager at eTouches. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. With all the different technology that is available today it is almost like you only need a team of one to run your event. With… Read more

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Event SOS: Where did it all go wrong? How I plan to put it right

How hard can it be? According to Wikipedia, London and its commuter belt holds 13,614,409 people. That’s a lot of folk. So how challenging can it be to persuade, let’s say 50 of them, to come to an attractive venue in Central London on a Tuesday night to hear from 2 brilliant life… Read more

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A Crash Course in Social Media Advertising for Events Professionals

There’s a good chance you’re already doing good social media marketing for your event. Events businesses are well ahead of the curve on social. Yet not so many businesses have experimented with social media advertising. It’s a shame, because if you get it right it can be amazingly powerful for… Read more

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Sphere of Influence: How to use Champions to Leverage your Event

Whether you are hosting a large convention or a small meeting one of your key concerns will be creating a buzz about your event. With some smart thinking you can greatly expand your marketing reach without increasing your budget. In this article we look at how you can use champions and influencers… Read more

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Taking Your Brand On The Road: Choosing The Right Event Space

There are innumerable benefits to active, geographically targeted events over their passive and static counterparts. When it comes to reaching your audience, convenience is king – and taking your brand to your target customer’s doorstep can be the key to tapping a wider market. Many… Read more

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Let’s Dance! How to Create Win-Win Events

Creating a successful event takes a team of people of working together. It can also be a competitive and stressful environment to work in. In this article we look at how you can create events where everyone wins without compromising on quality or profitability. In the US alone 1.8 million… Read more

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The Little Black Book of Corporate Event Planning

They say you can never be too organized. Warning – if you’re anything but too organized corporate event planning, or any other type of event planning may not be your cup of tea.  As an event planner for over ten years, I’ve found the most successful way for staying organized when planning a… Read more

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