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10 New Startups to Plan Your Next Event

Once again, we are thrilled to bring you the latest startups shaking up the event industry. Here they are. It looks like it is going to be a hot summer for event technology. We are proud to be the voice of innovation in the industry since day one. In the latest month we have been bombarded… Read more

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5 Ways to Shine as an Entry-Level Planner

It can be difficult to stand out at a company that has multiple departments and hundreds of employees, but it isn’t impossible. If you work at a large event agency and follow these 5 simple tips, you will ensure you will shine! 1. Take Stock Of The Situation I don’t know about you, but I… Read more

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5 Signs Event Planning is Not Your Cup of Tea

If you are considering a career as an event planner, it’s important that you go into it whole heartedly, with creativity, passion and an understanding that not every single detail you plan will go over smoothly. Event Planners have great charisma, creative ideas, are usually overly… Read more

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10 Ways to Show Love to Your Event Attendees

I love a good cliffhanger on TV shows, wondering what may happen next to my all-time favorite couple or characters I have been watching for years and years. The excitement and build-up of watching a show week after week, enjoying storyline after storyline makes me invested in not only the series,… Read more

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10 Tips to Growth Hack Your Event

The technology sector has been responsible for some great marketing techniques. Probably one of the most effective is Growth Hacking. It’s a strategy utilised by technology start ups to achieve growth quickly. The growth hack has relevant applications for Event Managers and Marketers who run a… Read more

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Are you Ignoring Half of Your Audience? Event Planning for Introverts

While there are many different types of events they all share one thing in common: they bring together communities of people around a shared interest. For a brief moment in time, a group of people come together for some purpose, whether that is to learn, laugh, network, develop or simply have a… Read more

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3 Myths of Mobile Apps for Events

This is a sponsored post written by Greg Kockott, Managing Director at HelloCrowd. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. Mobile Apps for Events – The new buzz word, the new big technology play in the eventing and conferencing industry. They’re great and there’s no… Read more

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5 Event Planner Clichés That Are No Longer True

The event planning industry has come a long way from the binder toting days of the 80’s. New and superior technology, along with the cultural and economic changes of the last 2 decades have streamlined and revamped the way events are planned and experienced. And just like any other creative… Read more

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Does Your Event Play Fair? 9 Questions to Ask

In the hustle and bustle of planning for your event do you ever stop and think about what’s fair? I mean beyond the ridiculous hours you put in busting your butt to make it all happen! May 9, 2015 is World Fair Trade Day, and in honour of that we’re posing nine questions to help you ponder how… Read more

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Event Photographer

You have one opportunity to capture your event in all of its glory, before it is gone forever. Choosing the right event photographer and ensuring they are well prepared is essential. Here are the reasons why we think it is so important and our top tips for capturing stunning event… Read more

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