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How to Get Over an Unsuccessful Event

We’ve all felt it: the gut sinking feeling that comes from planning an event that turns out to be a flop. There is nothing more devastating for an #eventprof than to put countless hours of work and ingenuity into crafting a valuable experience for your client and their attendees, only to feel… Read more

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5 Tips to The Best Cocktail Party EVER

Have you attended or witnessed the perfect cocktail party? These shindigs are my favorite kind of gathering. Maybe that is why I mostly get asked, how to throw or organise these collections of people, passion and place. You can watch any TV show or film and just by setting the scene at a… Read more

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6 Mistakes Event Planners Make With #Eventtech

The modern meeting planner has to be adept at using technology to manage, promote and support their events. However, with an ever changing technology landscape this isn’t always easy. In this article we look at some of the common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Technology is a critical… Read more

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What Type of Event Planner Do You Think You Are?

There are so many amazing opportunities out there today for people wanting to venture into the world of event planning and management. If you take a step back and review all of the different aspects and areas of event planning, you may become overwhelmed with how many types of event planning there… Read more

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The Experience Wave: Are Attendees an Audience or Participants?

Engaging Events is one of the most useful educational tools I have seen that spells out how event planners can create – as Kevin Jackson refers to in the introduction of ‘Engaging Events’ – memorable moments for attendees. On reflection, and having studied the e-book, I would like to add in… Read more

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The Definitive Guide For Planning A Fashion Show

The early stages of fashion show production are always the most exciting, meeting the client, understanding their needs and desires, collaborating on concepts and getting the creative gears moving. If it’s an established fashion house like Prada or Givenchy there are usually highly… Read more

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10 New Startups to Plan Your Next Event

Once again, we are thrilled to bring you the latest startups shaking up the event industry. Here they are. It looks like it is going to be a hot summer for event technology. We are proud to be the voice of innovation in the industry since day one. In the latest month we have been bombarded… Read more

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5 Ways to Shine as an Entry-Level Planner

It can be difficult to stand out at a company that has multiple departments and hundreds of employees, but it isn’t impossible. If you work at a large event agency and follow these 5 simple tips, you will ensure you will shine! 1. Take Stock Of The Situation I don’t know about you, but I… Read more

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5 Signs Event Planning is Not Your Cup of Tea

If you are considering a career as an event planner, it’s important that you go into it whole heartedly, with creativity, passion and an understanding that not every single detail you plan will go over smoothly. Event Planners have great charisma, creative ideas, are usually overly… Read more

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10 Ways to Show Love to Your Event Attendees

I love a good cliffhanger on TV shows, wondering what may happen next to my all-time favorite couple or characters I have been watching for years and years. The excitement and build-up of watching a show week after week, enjoying storyline after storyline makes me invested in not only the series,… Read more

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