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10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Attendees at Registration

This is a sponsored post written by Kevin Iwamoto, Vice President of Industry Strategy, Lanyon. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. Information is powerful. What you know about your attendees’ needs and requirements empowers you to create an all-round successful… Read more

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The Best Posts of August 2015 on @EventMB

Time for our monthly roundup of the hottest articles on your favourite event blog. Today for the first time we are going to discuss some of these articles on Blab (September 2 at 4.30pm GMT/6.30pm BST). Check us out here. I will be joined by Becki Cross who will share tips on surviving long… Read more

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4 Criteria to Measure Event Emotional Value

Attendees are looking for more meaningful experiences. Attendees are looking for experiences that help them to create personal emotional value. Value in a way that the experience should contribute to their ‘quality of life’. But how can we measure this emotional value? How can we know if we’ve… Read more

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How to Use Gamification at Your Next Association Conference

Don’t let the term fool you. Gamification drives motivation, rewards desired behavior, and engages members, even ones who hate games. What is Gamification? Gamification is a practice that uses visible motivational awards (game thinking) to inspire desired action. Most of us are exposed to it… Read more

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How to Go From a Good to a Great Event!

In order to take your event from good to great it all boils down to whether or not you have what it takes as an event planner to survive among the sea of event planners out there – and hope you stand out from the pack! Your skills and ability to work collaboratively with a team to operate as… Read more

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5 Creative Ways to Entertain a Serious Audience

Hearing event attendees find some of your speakers’ presentations are mellow, boring, or yawn-fests, can feel like a debbie downer catastrophe for any event manager after putting in hours of your own blood, sweat and tears for sometimes up to a year of event planning! How dare those attendees not… Read more

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How to Get Over an Unsuccessful Event

We’ve all felt it: the gut sinking feeling that comes from planning an event that turns out to be a flop. There is nothing more devastating for an #eventprof than to put countless hours of work and ingenuity into crafting a valuable experience for your client and their attendees, only to feel… Read more

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5 Tips to The Best Cocktail Party EVER

Have you attended or witnessed the perfect cocktail party? These shindigs are my favorite kind of gathering. Maybe that is why I mostly get asked, how to throw or organise these collections of people, passion and place. You can watch any TV show or film and just by setting the scene at a… Read more

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6 Mistakes Event Planners Make With #Eventtech

The modern meeting planner has to be adept at using technology to manage, promote and support their events. However, with an ever changing technology landscape this isn’t always easy. In this article we look at some of the common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Technology is a critical… Read more

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What Type of Event Planner Do You Think You Are?

There are so many amazing opportunities out there today for people wanting to venture into the world of event planning and management. If you take a step back and review all of the different aspects and areas of event planning, you may become overwhelmed with how many types of event planning there… Read more

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