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How to Retain Casual Event Staff

The event and hospitality industry regularly relies on casual staff and volunteers but this can often bring challenges. This post looks at how to maximise commitment and performance from casual event staff and volunteers. Casual staff and volunteers are regularly employed in the event… Read more

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The Pathway to Explosive ROI: 3 Stages of Event Growth

We all want to create events that have a positive impact both on our audience and on the bottom line. However, creating the conditions for profitability require knowing when to invest and when to save, when to play it safe and when to take risks. In this article we look at 3 stages of event growth… Read more

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How Embracing the Slow Philosophy Could Enhance your Next Event

As Event Managers we strive to ensure value and as a result we often try to cram every minute of the event schedule. But is this actually having a detrimental effect on our events? Should we actually seriously consider slowing down the pace to see the benefits? A lot of thought and planning… Read more

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Creating Magical Partnerships with Sponsors

At most events today there are sponsors who are to thank for the entire event even taking place – without sponsorship dollars most events struggle to happen. As event planners we seek to find sponsors months in advance of planning an event. A sponsorship that works for one event, may… Read more

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20 Sins of Exhibiting

Time and time again I witness exhibitors making the same common mistakes at exhibitions. Avoid these top 20 sins of exhibiting to ensure that you maximise your investment and have the best chance of achieving your objectives from every show! 1. Not Reading the Exhibitor Manual Ensure you… Read more

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12 Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Next Event Without Attendees Even Noticing

Event budgets are often under scrutiny and Event Managers are constantly under pressure to deliver amazing results on shoestring budgets. Here are some simple cost saving tips you can implement without compromising on quality or your attendees even noticing! 1.Choose Your Venue… Read more

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The Power of Secrecy and 6 Events Using It Successfully

What’s so special about secrets? Why do we love not to know vital details such as date and time or location of an event? This post looks at the power of keeping a secret and why event professionals should use it more to wow attendees. So what’s the deal about keeping a secret? My curious… Read more

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The Little Black Book of Corporate Event Planning

They say you can never be too organized. Warning – if you’re anything but too organized corporate event planning, or any other type of event planning may not be your cup of tea.  As an event planner for over ten years, I’ve found the most successful way for staying organized when planning a… Read more

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Cut Costs and Still Deliver an Awesome Event Experience? Yeah Right!

Look at any B2B event operations management job ad and you will see words such as ‘budgets’, ‘P&L’ and ‘growth’ regularly crop up in the specification. At the same time, you will notice that terms like ‘quality’, ‘creative’, ‘logistics’, ‘delivery’,… Read more

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You Cannot be Serious! Why Events are the Perfect Adult Playground

There are certain types of events such as sports, music festivals and comedy shows which are designed for people to come together and play. However, there are other types of events, such as conferences and trade shows, that we don’t usually think of as play. In this article, we look at the… Read more

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