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How to Get the Creative Juices Flowing for your Next Event

Sometimes you can find yourself in a rut, not knowing where to turn for inspiration for your next event – whether it be creative ideas for a dinner, trade show booth, email template, or social media campaign. All event tasks have meaning behind them and should flow in a cohesive blend and… Read more

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Pump Up Productivity By Improving Event Checklists

Pre-event checklists, day-of agendas and post-event wrap sheets are essential to the success of events. So how can you ensure your event checklists are productive and beneficial to you and your staff? Often times this continuous series of to-do lists can be overwhelming and mundane, but as… Read more

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5 Unique Ways to Make Your Company Holiday Party Enjoyable for Everyone!

Like all event planning projects, planning holiday parties and projects around the office should focus on the attendees. Organizing annual office holiday soirées should be fun, memorable and bring everyone together for the special gift of bonding and making everlasting team-building memories to… Read more

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How Embracing the Slow Philosophy Could Enhance your Next Event

As Event Managers we strive to ensure value and as a result we often try to cram every minute of the event schedule. But is this actually having a detrimental effect on our events? Should we actually seriously consider slowing down the pace to see the benefits? A lot of thought and planning… Read more

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5 Feelings That Make the Event Magic Happen

What makes people gather, enjoy and talk about events? Here are five universal feelings that make normal events become outstanding. Have you ever attended an event that was great, so great that you keep telling your colleagues or friends through the year? Probably you have. Yet is highly… Read more

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10 Infographics to Plan Your Next Event

No secret we love infographics. Do you know what we love even more? Event infographics. Here are 10 infographics to turbo charge your event. There is something incredibly right about infographics. The delicate mix of data and visuals delivers immediate learning. Much more effectively and… Read more

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5 Startup Ideas to Help the Event Industry

Here are 5 ideas for those who want to start up a technology business solving problems for the event industry. Whenever I present at technology events I am always asked what is the next big thing. I don’t like that. I don’t believe in buzzwords or fashion when it gets to tech. I am a… Read more

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20 Facts to Make You Look at Events Differently

Inspiration, what a tough topic. Writing inspiring stuff is the most difficult task for a blogger. It requires research, know-how and lateral thinking. But that’s why you read this blog, right? I’ve thrown together some cool, inspiring, thought-provoking and quirky facts that will… Read more

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10 Resources for Event Marketing Inspiration

It happened to all of us. All of a sudden, blank, no ideas for our event website, invites, concept, Twitter account, Facebook Page. Where should we look for event marketing ideas when we are desperate for inspiration? Let’s see… The Marketer’s Block It does exist. I am not the only… Read more

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