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6 Easy Ways to Increase Attendee Interaction

As an event planner you thrive on seeing your guests connect with other attendees and engage in the content or experience being presented. You would love for every attendee to leave your event saying “That was an amazing experience! I am so happy I attended and I met so many wonderful new… Read more

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Moderation Design: Conducting a Monumental Symphony

The meeting-moderator is like the conductor of a symphony-orchestra: it is his job to execute the work of the composer to his best abilities and to elate the audience. It is therefore inconceivable to image the conductor taking a look at the music for the first time, only just before he enters… Read more

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10 Event Trends for 2012

Hello dear readers. Here is my small present for the holidays. I published a similar presentation last year that was well received on Slideshare, with several thousands interactions. This year I was a bit skeptical before publishing it, due to the dozens of imitation attempts and to the… Read more

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