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Event Discovery Is on Fire

One of the most visible trends in event consumption is Discovery. Despite it may look as a tool for attendees, event discovery poses terrific opportunities for event marketers. Let me start this post with a question: where do you search for events to attend? I believe that the answer to… Read more

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The Best Posts in January

How was your January dear readers? If you did not have the time to stop by we had a lot of action on the blog. We also launched a Google+ Hangout where you can ask your questions and get answers! Here are the most popular posts of last month. The Best Posts in January 2012 1. Event… Read more

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Plancast Dies

It is with great shock I write the following post. I just finished reading this post at Techcrunch and I can’t really accept the news that Plancast is dying. I’ve been a fan of Plancast. I think they really nailed an aspects of our industry that most event technology companies or startups… Read more

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Check-ins are About Events not Venues, Says Facebook.

Facebook dropped Places only one year after launching. The message is clear, events is where we will check in. This post is by Julius Solaris for Event Manager Blog (?). In a jaw-dropping move Facebook dropped Places only one year after launch. The omni present social network re-purposed the… Read more

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Will Google Buy Plancast?

Google recently launched Google+, its latest attempt to take on Facebook dominance in social networking. Plancast could be the icing on the cake to nail one of the strongest drivers of social media: events. This post has been written by Julius Solaris for Event Manager Blog (?). Google+… Read more

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5 Social Event Tools To Watch Closely

Socialising events is becoming a priority of most of our beloved social networks. How cool is that? Trends and direct sources tell me this is a space planners should carefully monitor as big surprises are ined up. No doubts this is one of the most exciting arenas for event technology… Read more

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