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How Much is a Facebook Event Share Worth?

This is a sponsored post by Eventbrite. For more information about sponsored posts click here. We all know how great Facebook is for marketing, right? Do we really know it though? For example do you know the worthiness of a Facebook share of your event? This is a burning question for a… Read more

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10 Applications For Your Facebook Event Page

This post outlines how to maximize Facebook event marketing as well as highlighting tools for planning, newsletter management, video distribution and page optimization. Some people in the Silicon Valley think that Facebook is the next Internet. Despite the dramatic nature of such a… Read more

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Social Media Best Practices

Photo by: Jeff Milner A bit off topic, but I’ve been tagged by Dan Thorthon with a writing project about finding the best practices in social media. The project was started by Mitch Joel at Six Pixels of Separation. It is obviously very intriguing, therefore I’ll give my effort. I… Read more

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