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10 Event Trends for 2012

Hello dear readers. Here is my small present for the holidays. I published a similar presentation last year that was well received on Slideshare, with several thousands interactions. This year I was a bit skeptical before publishing it, due to the dozens of imitation attempts and to the… Read more

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The Wow Factor in Events

Last year I published a presentation about 10 event trends for 2011. Almost 30K views later, I am happy to say most of the trends did materialize. It’s been a great roadmap for my year in blogging. I tried to cover most of those trends, from New VIPs to Check-ins. One item that I wanted to… Read more

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10 Event Trends for 2011

My petit cadeau for the holidays :-) A presentation outlining some of the trends I think will impact event planning in 2011. Very happy to have your feedback on it. If you think it is worth it, I’ll add some voice at some stage. Grazie to @fabivs for the smashing design. 10 Event Trends… Read more

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