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Twitter for #eventprofs [Infographic]

Twitter is a powerful tool for event professionals. This infographic will help you to successfully use Twitter for event marketing, PR, customer service, research and sales. Last week we launched Social Media for Events, a free book about using social media at events. If Kim Kardashian would… Read more

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Twitter Hashtag Pages. It’s All About Events.

Yesterday Twitter announced Hashtag pages. This is why you should be ecstatic about it. Twitter has a special bond with Events. Not only current events such as the Arab Spring, but also organized events such as meetings, festivals and conferences. Hashtags are the key tool to make your… Read more

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A Twitter Guide for Events

This is a mini guide to help event professionals implementing successful Twitter tactics. I joined Twitter on the 5th of June 2007. That does not make me an expert. However I like to think I know a little about the topic. I learned some tricks along the way and you know I like to share… Read more

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How to Better use Twitter Hashtags at Events

Live Tweeting through hashtags at events has become so annoying. Don’t get me wrong my dear reader. I still believe there is plenty of space for Twitter at events but not in the way most of us use it. Common scenario: #sxsw event. My stream is inundated with attendees of the popular… Read more

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