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10 Incredibly Creative Attendee Badge Ideas

By EventMB Team

Looking for ideas to make your event more memorable? Why not get creative with your attendee badges?

When we think of attendee badges, we generally think of a slip of paper inside a plastic wallet, attached to a lanyard. Nothing wrong with that at all, it has done the job for years and will no doubt continue to do so. However, you may be missing a trick. Believe it or not, you can be just as creative with your badges as you can with any other part of your event. If you get it right and provide something useful or interesting instead of the norm, you get a happy attendee. Sometimes it's the small things that can have the biggest effect on attendee experience.

Here are some of the most creative attendee badges we've seen to date:

10 Incredibly Creative Attendee Badge Ideas

Creative Attendee Badges

1. The Retro Phone

Not only does this badge look cool, it's totally hackable too!

Event: Troopers Conference 2017

2. Everything You Need

Why not put all of your paper content into your attendee badge?

Event: Facebook F8 Conference

3. Jigsaw Pieces

Making connections is a big part of every event.

Event: ScienceTogether

4. Electronic Conference Badges

Don't like paper? Keep your content digital and store it in your badge.

Event: Products for Organising

5. Robots That React to Sound

A badge that changes state depending on what's happening around it.

Event: Def Con 4

6. Gel Badges

It's cool just because it's cool.

Event: Def Con 9

7. Water Bottle Badge

Essential hydration in a badge.

8. LED Name Badges

Make your attendees feel like Daft Punk.

9. Retro Floppy Disk

Old school digital media used as physical media.

10. Pi Powered Passes

In this case, an e-ink display controlled by a Raspberry Pi.


In Conclusion

Every opportunity to improve the event experience is a good opportunity. Whether you're providing a service your attendees need or simply putting a smile on their face, it all counts. Although often overlooked, with a bit of creativity, your attendee badges can provide exactly that opportunity.

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