100 Virtually Free Event Planning Ideas

We have all worked on events with a great vision but no budget to match. Here are 100 ideas to help you create an amazing event that cost next to nothing when funds are limited.

It can be hard not to be disheartened when you have a virtually non-existent event budget and still want to stand out for the right reasons. Not everything has to cost the earth though, sometimes a really small outlay in time and money can create the wow factor.

The key is being resourceful and clever with what you already have available or perhaps even upcycling items from reclamation or thrift stores. Repurposing becomes your friend and you’ll find yourself discovering craft talents you never knew you had. Your attendees will be inspired by your innovation and enjoy seeing everyday objects making their event experience fantastic and original.

These ideas cover everything from low-cost branding, marketing and catering through to AV, staging and tech so that you can plan the best event possible with a very small budget.

100 Virtually Free Event Planning Ideas

Marketing Ideas

1. Instagram Frame Props

Make your own Instagram giant frame, pop some moustaches on sticks or dig out the old retro dressing up outfits and wigs to create a photo prop box at your event that guests can pose with.

2. Stealth Marketing

Get members of your event team to go undercover at your event and find out what attendees really think as well as drum up interest for the event, sponsors or your new products.

3. Banners

Just because it’s traditional, doesn’t mean they don’t work. Add a low-cost banner to your event, inside or outside and remind the attendees why they’re here.

4. Social Media Hashtags

Get attendees Tweeting, Facebooking and sharing your event on social media by encouraging them to use an event specific hashtag and get it trending.

5. Sidewalk Chalk

Add fun pictures, event themes, hashtags, your social media accounts or a chalk entranceway to get people talking about your event and entice them inside.

6. Newsletters

Keep attendees up to date by building a strong email list and following up with them by sending out regular email newsletters that could include offers, exclusive content and event details.

7. E-Vites

Reduce the need for invitations and the associated costs by sending online or digital invitations.

8. Event T-shirts

Create t-shirts with the event logo, details and future event dates and distribute them wisely to staff and influencers who will wear them, or use them giveaways and mobile marketing opportunities.

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