100 Pinterest Boards Every Eventprof Should Follow

This is a bumper list of 100 must-follow Pinterest boards to inspire all event planners. There is something here for every event professional to appreciate, covering all event types, size, budgets and ideas!

Recently valued at over $10 billion, Pinterest has 175 million monthly users. Pinterest is a great social media platform for events and planning. It is a powerhouse of visual information and for event professionals in particular can provide real world examples and case studies as well as inspiration on a range of event planning or management topics. To update your Pinterest account and start adding real value to your feed, follow these boards and you will keep topping up on your event inspiration and ideas.

100 Pinterest Boards Every Eventprof Should Follow

Event Marketing Pinterest Boards

  1. Stress-Free Events: Event Marketing

Plenty of content and a LOT of followers, this board by  Constant Contact aims to tackle event marketing at various levels including the registration and even online payment.

  1. On The Social Side: Social Networking & Marketing

This board by  Mujer De Rojo emphasises the social side of marketing and networking which is particularly useful for event professionals with a heavy social role or a large influence in the digital marketing side. Find plenty of inspiration on how to improve social network marketing campaigns.

  1. Infographics: Event Marketing

If infographics are your favourite this is the board to follow by Merchandise Academy as there is plenty of information in well presented pins that will pop and make it easy for you to pick what you need.

  1. Event Manager Blog: Events Marketing

From our very own editor Julius Solaris,  he provides a handy space to access all marketing related posts for events, from social media and event planner fears to event marketer traits there are some insightful articles to click through to (we are biased though!)  

  1. Social Content: Digital Marketing Ideas

The world of digital marketing is vast and you need to work hard to stand out. In but this board by Boudoir Belle MUA Southampton is totally dedicated to getting you through it and has handy pins about content formats, the best marketing images and video content marketing for your event.

  1. Tips & Tricks: Event Marketing Tips

Focusing on business, events and crowdfunding projects means this board from Reality Crowd TV has a wide variety of inspiration to your next marketing endeavour.

  1. Tools In Your Belt: Event Marketing Tools

This board by Energy Parks focuses on marketing but also provides you with tools you need and is the next step when you are stuck for ideas or ways to get your message across.


Event Technology Pinterest Boards

  1. Top Event Tech: Awesome Event Technology

For all things technology focused, trends which affect the industry or solutions that could improve your event this is a must follow board for #eventtech lovers everywhere by EventMB.

  1. Projections & Venues: Video Mapping

Endless Events’s board focuses on building projections and video mapping for internal and external locations to add flair and interesting designs to bland or boring backgrounds.

  1. Industry Specific: Technology: Meetings & Events Industry

Sharing industry specific knowledge and ideas, this board by ASAP Meetings & Events also dabbles in digital technology to help deal with events and planning as well – so this board is a bit of a two in one!

  1. Techy Ideas: Event Technology

This board by In The Event has some great inspiration and ideas to add technology to your event, as well as real life examples of events that have used technology to their advantage.

  1. Behind The Events: Event Technology

This board from Event Suppliers Network focuses more on the tech behind running events and how to utilise this as an event planner rather than physical technology at events. A good option to throw into the mix.

AV, Lighting & Staging Pinterest Boards

  1. All Round Lighting: Lights!!!!!

This board by Wicked Catering & Events does everything it says on the tin and is all about lighting, with plenty of options regardless of your event type or budget size. A great all-rounder for lighting inspiration.

  1. On Stage: Stage Design Inspiration

Looking at various stage designs, examples of event planning involving stage installations and some pretty fancy backdrops, there are plenty of ideas here from Endless Events.

  1. Effects & AV: Audio Visual – #AV #Light/#Lumieres

Plenty of visual and staging effects and some interesting lighting options, including some DIY alternatives, this board has an eclectic selection if you are wanting to browse ideas from Evenements Momento Events.

  1. Tech, Lighting Combo: Events Lighting & Technology

Mixing it up with lighting ideas from trending options and specialty lights as well as some event technology and special features, this board by Taylor Lewis has a bit of everything.  

  1. Lighting Examples: Event Lighting Design

Focusing on a lot of real world examples and installations, this board from Endless Events has some insight into transforming venues with lighting as well as some quirky ideas.

Event Venues Pinterest Boards

  1. Real Life Examples: Event Venues

Featuring plenty of snapshots and pictures from actual events and weddings, with the venue details underneath, you will be cooing over the beautiful spaces pinned to this board by Guesterly.

  1. Venue Décor: Event Venues

Focusing primarily on venue décor, this is a great board to follow from Liz V with inspiration on how to transform venue spaces during the planning phases, from larger rooms to rustic outdoor events.

  1. Pick A Venue: Event Venues

With plenty of venue options this board by A Mothers Service will help you to look at grand houses, gardens and areas that you wouldn’t know existed. It features a lot of options, particularly from the US.

  1. Visual Inspo: Venues

If you are looking for ideas on venue styling this board is a must follow from Perfect Event Proposals and has everything from making the most of church and outdoor spaces to seating and floral styling ideas for your event venue.

  1. UK Business: Corporate Event Venues

Does what it says on the tin! This board by Venues.org.uk has an array of corporate UK event venues with different styling options and information about each venue to help you make the right decision and offer a little inspiration in the process!

  1. Temporary Structures: Event Tents

This specific board is a great option if you are looking to make use of outdoor space but want to accommodate for all weather. It has specific venues and their marquee options as well as some tent styling ideas to make your temporary structure into a beautiful space – from Wicked Catering & Events

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