16 Event Room Layouts That Scream Success

See how different room layouts and furniture can be used to create completely different environments and how each set up transforms the space to suit your event theme and purpose.

Organizers and planners know that the way we set up the room can have a big impact on engagement, networking and general wow factor. These examples showcase different event room layouts from live events. From traditional layouts through to quirky, interesting, and in some cases unique, set ups, these can serve as inspiration for your next event.

16 Event Room Layouts That Scream Success
  1. Banquet

A stunning showcase of a traditional banqueting layout that allows for sit-down meals for attendees, with a large dance floor. This layout is commonplace for dinners, awards ceremonies and weddings.

Credit: Tribeca Rooftop, Duke Images

  1. Enclosed Long Tables

This combination floor plan can be adapted to a smaller venue space and uses long tables to accommodate all the guests. As this is for a wedding, the head tables are seated centrally surrounded by other guests in a quirky format that showcases the bride, groom and the wedding party in a different format.

This layout makes the best use of the space by having the rectangle tables as double-sided seating to accommodate more guests, which also means guests can still communicate closely with the people next to and opposite them, without finding it difficult to talk across a large round banqueting table.

Credit: Waridi Events

  1. 360

By creating a central staging area this type of layout is useful for engaging speakers and those with presentations or product demonstrations to fit as many guests as possible and interact from all angles. This example is set up for a wedding, so the aisle itself reduces seating capacity but for corporate events and performances this isn’t necessary and can encourage a more intimate connection with the audience.

Ensure all speakers and performers are well briefed about the space and layout otherwise they can isolate one half of the audience and drastically decrease their viewing experience. Likewise, if you have a speaker that is constantly moving to avoid having their back to the audience that can be equally distracting for the audience.

  1. S Seating

Snake-like layouts such as this work for long narrow halls or venues where round tables are unsuitable as they take up too much space. Attendees are still fairly close because of where the tables turn back on themselves and the inside is filled with seating but there is plenty of space to get up and move around should they choose. The event lighting here also enhances the layout, making it seem more intricate than it is.

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Credit: The Inspired Planner, YouCanEvent

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