16 Lounge Ideas For Your Next Event

Take a load off with these fantastic lounge ideas that will get your attendees relaxing, networking, and remembering your event.

An event lounge can be incorporated into any type of event from trade shows and corporate meetings to weddings and outdoor events and can be beneficial in a variety of different ways. They offer an oasis to your guests, particularly if your event involves a lot of walking or standing but they can also be an excellent meeting point for attendees to network. Creating a relaxed or informal moment during a serious event can be more conducive to starting a conversation and getting things flowing. A lounge can be turned into an exclusive VIP area, with extra bonuses or perks, allowing you to have a tiered ticket system at your event or it could be an excellent sponsorship idea full of branding opportunities. Here are some of our favorites:

16 Lounge Ideas For Your Next Event
  1. Multiples

Create a variety of private spaces for your attendees to chat in their own groups, but in comfort. This is an excellent idea if you have a lot of space and can be more luxurious than offering just one lounge area. What is cute about these is that they have curtains for privacy but are easy to set up with the right fabric draping. The signage doormats are also an excellent sponsorship opportunity too.

Credit: Vinnie Brown, NY Lounge Decor

  1. Igloo Lounges

These stunning mini lounges are a great way to get a lounge outside without worrying about the weather. They give a fantastic experience to guests and can be filled with different décor such as these which house traditional English furniture with city-scaping behind. Perfect for winter events!

Credit: Coppa Club

  1. Hollywood

A touch of glitz and glam will be a hit and this themed lounge is effective, creates an immersive experience, and looks comfortable. The multiple types of quirky seating add a little something extra, particularly with these director’s chairs and set boxes as tables. It’s also an excellent layout to maximize seating in a limited space with these circular chairs.

And the award for best lounge goes to….

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Credit: Debbie’s Designs

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