16 Tall and Striking Centerpieces

Looking to dress your tables? Here are some examples of stunning, high centerpieces to consider and take inspiration from.

Centerpieces help to add the wow factor, use dead table space, tie the dining settings into the event décor, and can be themed or interactive. They can create a talking point for attendees and tall centerpieces in particular can give an air of extravagance and grandeur to a table. In addition to this, they can draw the eye and create a focal point in a venue space. By utilizing air space above rather than the table itself which can stop the decor from obstructing your guests’ view or eye line.

Taller centerpieces, tend to be more expensive so it is important to consider theme, budget, and table size before deciding what to go for and which is best for your event. Here are some examples to inspire you.

16 Tall and Striking Centerpieces
  1. Red Rose Tree

If you have a healthy flower budget this can be a beautiful option for covering the stem that holds the bouquet and makes the arrangement look like a free-standing tree. These are in bold colors and tie in with the event theme to make an impact and a statement – plus roses are always a classy favorite.

Credit: Vivio Flowers

  1. Light-Up Orchids

For evening events or those that will reduce the lighting, light-up furniture is always a good idea and also creates interesting effects and patterns on the table. These centerpieces illuminate the white orchids and also have a spotlight on the table so attendees can see what they are doing. Trailing orchids such as these are also an elegant solution on the top of a tall stem like this.

  1. Tree Stump Centerpieces

For a rustic or DIY element, these centerpieces add a touch of nature to the table and draws the eye. By adding simple flowers and foliage to the top they don’t look too out of place and give the illusion that the flowers have sprouted from the trunks themselves.

Credit: Quixotic Events

  1. Gatsby Chic

Themed centerpieces can tie the décor together and be a fun finishing touch like these Great Gatsby-esque table centers. They don’t take up too much ‘face space’ as they allow attendees to see each other but are also extravagant and have a lot going on, from the frilled feather tops and the white rose florals to the cascading beads. This is virtually all the décor that is needed for this event.

Credit: Hermosa Weddings and Events

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