17 Dance Floors To Enhance Your Event

  1. Dance Floor GOBOs

Decorate your dance floor using GOBOs and other effects and turn a boring, permanent dance floor into a purpose-built one to suit your own event. Here you can see the beautiful effect that these snowflakes create for this winter wonderland-themed event and it didn’t require a custom build.

  • Holographic

Colorfully futuristic, this dance floor really pops in an elegant way. The dance floor is flat but the holographic effect makes it look more dynamic. Also, it goes with all of the mirror décor because it is not really one color or another.

Credit: Modish Lounge Rentals

  1. Marble Effect

Vinyl dance floors come in a variety of different colors and effects, giving you plenty of options to suit your event. This is a simple, but stunning example that uses a marble effect to complement the natural venue and uses the space to its fullest potential.

Credit: LacedVinylShoppe

In Conclusion

We bet you didn’t realize how many options you had available when it comes to dance floors and how you can implement them to enhance your event. With this in mind, always make sure your dance floor is accessible to everyone and remember that putting the extra effort into colors, design and lighting can enhance your event theme and sponsorship opportunities.

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