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17 Giant Props For Your Next Event

By EventMB Team

Go big or go home! Here are some oversized props to help you make a statement at your next event.

Props, if done badly can look tacky and cheap (even if they stretched the budget) so it’s important to use them in the right situation. We have some fantastic examples of gigantium props being done right. Props at an event can have a variety of uses including:

Branding – Adding business or event branding to your props can not only easily get your name out there but also represent and encapsulate the brand, such as through oversized versions of products.

Photo opportunities – Props tend to draw attendees to them, and generally the bigger the better so it won’t be long before you see your props on social media (so try to squeeze your event hashtag in there!)

Sponsorship – As large focal points, props can be excellent opportunities to offer something different to make your sponsorship packages stand out.

Décor – Use props to draw the eye and compliment other room décor or even have them covering unsightly areas of the venue or larger, plain walls.

Here are some interesting real-world examples for some giant prop inspiration.


  1. Fruity Fields

An excellent example of using props as décor but in keeping with brand and product awareness is this London cosmetic campaign event with the slogan “keep calm and cherry on”. Giant cherries in the park not only draw attention but become photo worthy and the non-descript fruit makes people want to ask questions which gets them involved in this event.  


Credit: Muna’s Coolture

  1. Cartoon Cut-outs

Props can also draw on outside inspiration like these Smurfs-themed party props.These cut-outs can be placed anywhere which make them diverse and adaptable to suit the event while being  lightweight so they are easy to transport and set up! Plus, cardboard cut-outs tend to be cheaper than fully made props with other materials.


Credit: Famous Signs Inc.

  1. Popcorn Stations

If you want a quirky food station to make an impact you can incorporate giant props such as this large popcorn bucket with lollipop stands! It can stand out in a crowded event and also acts as its own signpost so people are drawn towards it to congregate,making them more likely to visit the stand itself.


Credit: Access Texas

  1. Social Frames

Social frames are a fantastic way of engaging and connecting social media to your event. They are photo-worthy and also have your event details (as well as your location and hashtag) and can inject a little fun into your event. They don’t have to be restricted to the photo booth either, they can be set up around trade shows against different backdrops so attendees can pick them up and take photos in the action.

Credit: Go Go Social

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