17 More Stylish Event Bars

Refresh your guests, boost networking and create a seamless transition with some of these stylish and useful event bar ideas for your next event.

Whether or not you are serving food, event bars should be seen as a separate entity because they have their own function for events. Aside from creating an area that facilitates networking, they can also allow you to steer the guests and provide a waiting area while you transition your venue from one purpose to another, which is particularly useful for making full use of the venue space. Bars allow you to extend your event and keep your guests comfortable, and these adaptive ideas will suit a variety of purposes and spaces.

17 More Stylish Event Bars
  1. Signed/Branded

Incorporate branding and signage into the bar front will help yours to stand out against other brands at events such as a trade show, festival or fayre. You can use backlighting, like in this example, which really makes it pop. This would also be an excellent sponsorship opportunity that you could include as part of a recurring package to tie in with the theme. For drink sponsors in particular, they could serve their signature brand drink alongside the signage aspect for maximum impact.

Credit: Drake Events

  1. Smugglers Bar

These cute hideaway mini-bars could be dotted around your event and provide easy access to chilled drinks and bottles for your guests. Creating quirky bar ideas such as this will also draw attention from attendees when they are on stands around your event creating more photo opportunities and the likelihood that you get shared on social media. This barrel bar idea is a useful repurpose that still has class and elegance regardless of your event type.

Credit: Beavis

  1. Martini Bar

James Bond’s signature drink is the martini, and while he likes it ‘shaken, not stirred’, there are a multitude of ways to serve and mix one. Have a mixologist or bartender that specialises in cocktails and signature drinks to make even small event bars stand out. This martini bar is a great idea that uses the venue’s natural features to its advantage and the stairs create a fun multi-level to show off the available spirit options.


Credit: Dita Rosted Events

  1. Smart Bar

Mobile bars are always useful for large outdoor events or those that are changing throughout the day because they can be easily moved and adjusted according to event needs. This “Smart bar” idea utilises the mobility of a car with the compactness of a smaller Smart Car vehicle which is also branded and signed for extra marketing too. It holds a suitable amount of drinks for the event thanks to the boot size and can be used in conjunction with a bartender or staff to help attendees with that they are looking for.


Credit: Smart Bar Company

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