17 Runways For Event Staging Inspiration

Stay away from boring, traditional setups and use runways or catwalks as brand activation tools, to enhance themes, or provide an immersive experience at your next event. From colors and props to custom builds, these runways will blow your mind and make you want to walk the catwalk yourself.

Traditionally used in fashion events and shows, catwalks provide a longer run of stage area, which projects into the audience. This set up shouldn’t just be limited just to the fashion industry though, runway staging can be particularly useful for showcasing products, performances and simply getting your speakers up close and personal with the audience. Here are some of the best runway examples to inspire your next stage design.

Masud Khan Photography and the Muslim Lifestyle Expo

17 Runways For Event Staging Inspiration
  1. Light Up Marquee

This lit runway is housed in a marquee and was set up for this specific fashion show. It is featured alongside a seated meal to make attendees more comfortable and conducive to the display and also uses all of the available event space. The runway itself provides an excellent contrast to this evening event as it provides most of the essential lighting and draws attention to it, and its models.

Credit: The Chigwell Marquees

  1. Beach

Create your runway by experimenting with flooring using temporary decking like in this example. Have the sea as a natural scenic backdrop to your event and also cater to those in difficult footwear to provide a beautiful experience in an unusual place for a product showcase. (This would also be an interesting aisle and wedding choice too on the beach.)  


Credit: Armor Deck Flooring Solutions

  1. Rainbow

Make your runway visually striking by adding color like with this rainbow effect. What makes this example even more unique is the extension using lighting which creates the illusion that it travels from the ceiling. Combining your lighting to compliment the catwalk is an excellent way to keep attention drawn onto a fixed focal point, particularly if you are using it for marketing

  1. Road Runway

Taking a different approach was the car manufacturer Honda at this dealer event that incorporated a road-themed runway into their staging to show off products and create more of an interactive stage experience. The road theme ties in perfectly with their brand, image, and message and it looks pretty cool on stage too!


Credit: Staging Connections

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