18 More Fun Seating Ideas

Standard banqueting chairs included in your venue rental may be cost effective and functional, but is that the vibe you want to bring to your next event? If you are looking to experiment here are 18 fun seating ideas to consider instead.

Seating needs to be in keeping with the event purpose and themes but also provide comfort and functionality that works with the spaces available. This can be a difficult balance to find, particularly if you are looking for something different to make an impact without a huge budget to spend or wanting to create too many logistical headaches to overcome. We have a variety of different examples that can be adapted to many event types so you can have a little seating flair without compromising on functionality.


This giant inflatable chair could fit several guests or you could opt for something smaller and individual for your attendees. These would be perfect for beach or outdoor events if you have a lot of guests but are unable to transport large, heavy furniture, so long as you have the air to inflate them. Simply, let them down, box them up and carry them away afterwards.


Credit: Lyndise Anne

  1. Rose Wire Stools

These stools are stylish and light with low backs which are perfect for short meetings or exchanges without taking too much space. The rose colour can complement many colour schemes and the metal frame creates a more modern feel.


Credit: Picobello Renting

  1. Standing Desks

Technically not seating but opting for standing meetings or layouts can be beneficial to your event. For meetings it encourages short bursts of information exchange that are relevant, easier to digest and avoid going over time, while for open larger layouts, standing (also known as cocktail style) are better to facilitate networking and allow greater capacity in your venue.

Credit: Howe Furniture

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