25 Corporate Event Ideas To Steal

Business environments need to be navigated differently so here’s some ideas for planning your next corporate event.

A successful corporate event consists of several elements but it often has a strong underlying message or purpose which it is important to convey in a professional manner. Whether it’s corporate retreats and galas or awards ceremonies and team building, make sure your corporate event is successful by incorporating some of these ideas.

25 Corporate Event Ideas To Steal

Corporate Branding

  1. Glass Lecterns

For keynote addresses, presentations, and speakers, lecterns are a useful staging tool to draw the focus of the crowd and functionally hold paperwork and necessary cue cards. But with these glass versions, you can stray away from the unsightly, traditional wooden box and not only include corporate branding but have full transparency.

Credit: Digit One Solution

  1. Food

From desserts and cookies to main meals and drinks, food and beverage can be easily signed as a delicious branding opportunity. You can have larger cakes or cupcakes with print on them or use them to spell out your brand name in a pull-apart option and branding for food is so diverse now that it can adapt to different styles, colors, and names.  

  1. Branded Floors

Floors offer unique branding opportunities and every venue has them! Whether you are looking for dance floor or entrance signage or want to make a big statement like this showroom floor, it makes the event more dynamic and inclusive. You can also opt for digital or interactive floors as an entertainment idea.


Credit: Garage Style Ltd

  1. Stationery

Everyone needs something to write with and during meetings, breakaways, and presentations, taking handwritten notes can still be the preference for many. Providing branded stationery, included headed paper, branded notepads and pens, makes your brand awareness last longer as attendees take their notes home, look over what they learned or took away and have all of your brand details at their fingertips if they want to get in touch.

  1. LED Bars

Effective and adaptable to many different logos and company signage or branding, these bars would be a welcome addition to any event. They light up, meaning attendees will be able to find the bar in low lighting while also being a successful branding tool. This corporate idea would also be excellent for sponsorship by other brands at your event.

Credit: Devoted Deluxe

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