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25 Corporate Event Ideas To Steal

By EventMB Studio Team


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Business environments need to be navigated differently so here’s some ideas for planning your next corporate event.

A successful corporate event consists of several elements but it often has a strong underlying message or purpose which it is important to convey in a professional manner. Whether it’s corporate retreats and galas or awards ceremonies and team building, make sure your corporate event is successful by incorporating some of these ideas.

25 Corporate Event Ideas To Steal

Corporate Branding

  1. Glass Lecterns

For keynote addresses, presentations, and speakers, lecterns are a useful staging tool to draw the focus of the crowd and functionally hold paperwork and necessary cue cards. But with these glass versions, you can stray away from the unsightly, traditional wooden box and not only include corporate branding but have full transparency.

Credit: Digit One Solution

  1. Food

From desserts and cookies to main meals and drinks, food and beverage can be easily signed as a delicious branding opportunity. You can have larger cakes or cupcakes with print on them or use them to spell out your brand name in a pull-apart option and branding for food is so diverse now that it can adapt to different styles, colors, and names.  

  1. Branded Floors

Floors offer unique branding opportunities and every venue has them! Whether you are looking for dance floor or entrance signage or want to make a big statement like this showroom floor, it makes the event more dynamic and inclusive. You can also opt for digital or interactive floors as an entertainment idea.


Credit: Garage Style Ltd

  1. Stationery

Everyone needs something to write with and during meetings, breakaways, and presentations, taking handwritten notes can still be the preference for many. Providing branded stationery, included headed paper, branded notepads and pens, makes your brand awareness last longer as attendees take their notes home, look over what they learned or took away and have all of your brand details at their fingertips if they want to get in touch.

  1. LED Bars

Effective and adaptable to many different logos and company signage or branding, these bars would be a welcome addition to any event. They light up, meaning attendees will be able to find the bar in low lighting while also being a successful branding tool. This corporate idea would also be excellent for sponsorship by other brands at your event.

Credit: Devoted Deluxe

  1. Stair Wraps

Stairs can be unsightly and difficult to incorporate into event schemes and themes but unfortunately, many events have them. However, giving them a makeover to incorporate them into branding can make them more functional and ties them in nicely with the event.

Corporate Sponsorship

  1. Off-Site Activities

Creating activities alongside an event such as 5Ks, or in this example a sponsored golf game can add fun to a corporate event as well as avoid the boredom of staying at the same venue or complex. Ideas like this, that get attendees out and participating can actually foster more productivity and creativity than two days of being cooped up in a hotel meeting room.

Credit: Cindy Kenna

  1. Photographer

Sponsors can not only provide some fantastic event photos and interactive experiences with guests but also they get to capture natural use of products or services that they can then use in their own marketing materials. Plus, they could offer professional headshots to attendees with branded copies.

  1. Giveaways

Free stuff is always a hit at events and makes them more memorable for guests. Sponsored prizes for a corporate giveaway could include the obvious products and services but fun ideas that would be considered as a special treat could include: exclusive usage of the best parking space for a month, free cakes in the company café, additional paid annual leave, or even a mini break or experience. These branded bows would be an excellent wrapping idea for displaying giveaway prizes or event favors, as well as branded vouchers or prize instructions for winners.  


Credit: Corvallis Gift Boxes

  1. Custom Cocktails

Signature cocktails are a staple sponsorship idea and the name can include the sponsor’s brand or ethos but this idea can get a bit samey. Instead, come up with quirky custom ideas that are still sponsored but event-related like these fun cocktail science flasks that still have room for signage on them.


Credit: WeCoCreate

Meeting Design

  1. Gamification

Just because it is work-related, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Corporate retreats and events in particular need to incorporate some levity and this ping pong table idea is the perfect mix (plus there’s sneaky brand signage in there too.) For corporate events, it can create healthy competition and aid with team-building which will reflect in team performance further down the road.

Credit: Epic Event Solutions

  1. Rooftop Locations

Getting out of a stuffy office is important for innovations and creativity but it can be difficult to decide what is best. A rooftop terrace area is outdoors but has the comforts that are often needed when having long meetings or events and the views are not only spectacular but inspirational.

  1. Graphic Recording

Have someone draw graphics during your brainstorming session to see ideas clearly and bring them to life, making them easier to piece together. The graphic recording can be done by hand or digitally so this could be scaled up or down to suit the type of event and number of attendees. This is a fun and innovative way of recording your ideas and helping others absorb them.

Credit: Image Think

  1. Fidget Pens

Phones in meetings can be a huge problem and when not using them, people are fidgeting or losing interest. Traditional meeting formats are sometimes necessary but there are some things you can do to make them more interesting and these fidget pens are one of them. These allow people to fiddle as well as write, and can be branded as an extra opportunity and they are much more productive than having your phone out!


Credit: Hitex Marketing Inc.

  1. Water

It’s simple, effective, healthy, and also a signage and sponsorship opportunity. This little sentiment shows you care and helps hydrate your guests which is proven to be better for brain function - making it great if your meeting involves sitting for long periods of time, particularly in small meetings or brainstorming sessions.

  1. Desk Swings

Who doesn’t want to have these in their office for meetings! Swings can be playful and interesting as well as a way to help those who fidget too! Quirky seating can always add something extra to your event, making it stand out but swings create an informal element to meetings and this makes creativity and ideas flow more freely. If nothing else, they would bring enjoyment to the meeting and improve morale.


  1. Themes/Props

Themes bring your event together and corporate events are no different. One thing to note with corporate event theming is to avoid cheesy or highly interactive themes because with the business undertones you are unlikely to get the response that you want so keeping it simple and classy is the way to go.

  1. Striking Lighting

Lighting effects are a favorite aesthetic for corporate events because they are bold and can easily change the atmosphere of a familiar venue, whether you are using the office meeting space or going for something bigger. Lighting doesn’t alter the venue either. It works especially well if you opt for a place that has historical significance for a corporate gala where you can’t use signs and fixtures and it can be used indoors and out.

Credit: Luxe Productions

  1. Zen Garden Centerpieces

Sometimes florals can lose their place with a corporate event but something like this would be a fitting alternative. Miniature zen gardens that are centerpieces but guests could also take home or to their desks can provide a memento and be decorative without being over the top or wasting money.

Credit: The Bloom Box


  1. Silent Conference

Think silent disco but trying to get your message across instead. For large groups and breakaways, attendees wear headphones and speakers as MC’s communicate to different groups or all at once. This would be perfect for games and avoids a busy atmosphere that makes it difficult to hear the message.

  1. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a growing trend that is increasing in popularity because they are an excellent way to build teamwork and leadership during a corporate retreat or event. Escape rooms require teams to complete a series of tasks and challenges in order to win or escape and there are a variety of different themes for each room that you can choose from. Guaranteed to get the heart pounding, while building stronger bonds.

  1. Networking Lounge

In many cases, employees don’t get much of a chance to socialize In these instances, a networking lounge is an excellent idea to create areas that are informal but serve a purpose, making the best use of your space. You could run networking games or have a business card fishbowl giveaway in these lounges to encourage people to discuss ideas, get together, and form new connections.

  1. Overnight Stays

Long events can be draining, particularly if they require brainstorming, creativity, or vast amounts of work. Reward attendees with an overnight stay in a nearby hotel for a way to unwind and avoid the lengthy journey home while creating an incentive to stay later at your event.

  1. Charging Stations

No matter what the type of event, attendees don’t want to be going without their phones or devices but chances are, corporate events will require them to use theirs for business purposes too. Charging stations could be an interesting networking idea for corporate events and those that have a standing platform attached would be useful in initiating discussions while devices charge.

  1. Slide Decks

Traditional but effective, a slide deck helps convey your message in an interactive way and if speakers are clever about presentation it doesn’t have to be boring or unoriginal. Plenty of imagery and color (and no bullet points) will help your slide deck pop.

In Conclusion

Corporate events, although similar to many other event types have to consider purpose and message, particularly if the need for work, brainstorming, or meetings is involved. With this in mind, approaching the planning should be done differently but hopefully some of these ideas will give you insight into where to start.

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