25 Stunning Chair Covers

Chair covers and decorations can transform standard furniture into something exquisite. Add to your event aesthetic with these stunning ideas and examples.

Ugly chairs can ruin the effect of your event, whereas spruced up seating can help make an impact. Chair covers and other decoration can transform the furniture provided by the venue and saves having to hire-in expensive, funky furniture. Here are some stunning examples and different options you can try to pimp your event seating. We bet you won’t believe how many options there are to inspire you.

25 Stunning Chair Covers
  1. Pearl Reels

For chairs that don’t need much sprucing, adding small touches like these pearls can create elegant but understated effects that also take minimal time for setting up. Great if you have a large amount of chairs to cover!

Credit: Chair Cover Depot

  1. Tie Draping

These chair covers look complex with artistically created fabric draping tied together at the back. With a bit of creative tying you can create this interesting effect. Even with ivory linen this makes an impact.

Credit: Set The Mood Decor

  1. Hood Florals

These hoods are a stunning and easy way to decorate chairs. They are simple but effective and can be adapted to any colour scheme and the ruffled floral tie brings it all together nicely.

Credit: AM Flowers

  1. Simple Bows

Simple coloured bows transform simple white chair covers and creates a clean effect which can be perfectly in keeping with your event colour theme.

  1. Alternating Base Colours

To add an interesting effect you can try alternating the chair covers and then keeping the same colour sashes which is an interesting way to tie in the colour palette if you have three main colours. Also, black and white go with everything, as you can see here.

Credit: MST Events

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