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3 Social Media Tools to Boost Your Event Marketing [Video]

By EventMB Studio Team

This video offers 3 hacks you can use to better engage and enhance your events using social media.

Savvy event planners know they have to stay on top of social media, but which tools are worth the time and energy to invest in? Which ones are worth the effort and truly the MUST HAVES for any event planner?

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3 Social Media Tools to Boost Your Event Marketing [Video]

Video Transcript

Hey my name is KiKi. Welcome to EventMB. This channel is all about helping you to make your events awesome.

Whether you are starting out, or a seasoned eventprof, you’ll find plenty of tips, advice and tactics to be successful in events.

Event planners want their events to be successful. Building lots of buzz, amplifying attendee engagement, and creating a fear of missing out for people who aren’t even there can be big drivers for social media communication.

But there are so many channels, gizmos, and gadgets to choose from. Which ones are worth the effort and truly the MUST HAVES for any event planner?

Before you start feeling overwhelmed, we’ve got the answer for you!

Check out these 3 Social Media Tools to Boost Your Event Marketing.

  1. Facebook Live

Facebook Live provides you with a versatile way to reach your ideal audience and even beyond that. You can set it up to stream from a page or group you have admin rights for and even tag influencers who might be able to further spread the message to their networks.

You can use Facebook Live before, during, and even after your events. You might interview a featured speaker on Facebook Live about their upcoming presentation or you can do something like talk about some of the exciting things that are happening in the moment at your event.

Once you’ve finished your Facebook Live, you can then do all kind of things with it. You can save and download the video and use it to  edit and share on YouTube, or Instagram,  or in an email campaign. The choices are endless! It’s a great way to maximize your impact for the work you put into it!

Giving your participants a chance to engage and communicate quickly with others they don’t know yet can be challenging.

  1. Twitter

Thankfully, Twitter is perfect for quick communication around an event.

Using an easy to remember, short, and relevant hashtag is a key piece to making the use of this social media channel work because you’ll want to promote it to let everyone know how to find the information they need about your event!

  1. IFTT

No one has time to do it all. Using a tool like If This Then That allows you to create a recipe for things like… if a new video is uploaded to your YouTube channel, it automatically adds a pin to your Pinterest board, or posting your tweets to Facebook when you use a specific hashtag.

You can even create recipes for creating social media messages using your voice.

You don’t need to use a million channels and gadgets in order to cover your bases when it comes to social media. Quality is king and making sure you are using the best of your time and energy on communications that work is the most important thing to remember.

Use these 3 Social Media Tools to Boost Your Event Marketing and you will be set up for social media success for your next event.

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