5 #Hoteltech Essentials For A Better Event Experience

Attendee expectations are changing and those expectations extend beyond the event itself. Read on to find out how hoteltech could help to deliver a better attendee event experience.

Good event planners obsess over every part of the attendee experience and for many, attendee accommodation is a very important part of the process. The event venue could be the best venue in the world but if the available accommodation isn’t up to scratch, the event will fail.

Getting the right accommodation is so much more than simply choosing hotels with enough availability. Consumer expectation is always changing and one of the biggest drivers of that change is technology. Thanks largely to the rise of mobile technology and more recently, AI (artificial intelligence), consumers are used to getting what they need, faster, with a little help from a digital friend in the palm of their hand.

5 #Hoteltech Essentials For A Better Event Experience

Essential Hoteltech For Improving The Attendee Event Experience

1. Virtual Personal Assistants

Voice-controlled virtual personal assistants like Apple’s Siri and Google Home are starting to become commonplace in daily life. Advances in AI have meant that almost anyone can harness its power to make their life easier. That is echoed in consumer expectation when it comes to accommodation. Many hotels already offer virtual personal assistants and concierge services but they often operate in silos. There is a massive opportunity for accommodation suppliers to offer event attendees content and information pertaining to their specific needs. Giving attendees the ability to access important and personalized event information from the hotel room is a win for everyone. Imagine if you could simply ask, “Hey, hotel room, which meetings and sessions am I attending tomorrow?”

Delivering personalized content also brings opportunities for event sponsors. Event-related content made available through accommodation based personal assistants or concierge apps could be branded in such a way as to help deliver sponsor messaging whilst also providing benefit to the attendee.

2. Booking Options

When attendees buy tickets for an event, it makes perfect sense for them to make accommodation arrangements at the same time. Offering attendees the ability to book accommodation via the event website or event app leaves choice in the hands of the attendee without compromising convenience. In the near future, we can expect to go beyond this and be able to offer not only accommodation options but also travel. By adding AI to the mix, it will soon be possible to tailor the whole event experience to your attendees’ personal requirements from a single touch point.

3. Loyalty Apps

Many hotel chains offer their regular customers loyalty apps. There is an opportunity for events, sponsors and hotels to work together to provide attractive offers to event attendees using the accommodation. This, of course, can work both ways. Event planners can also reciprocate by incorporating messaging and offers from accommodation suppliers in the event app.

4. Mobile And Device Charging

Giving event attendees the ability to charge their devices is essential. Offering a single power outlet in a hotel room simply isn’t enough. Charging stations are often available onsite at events, accommodation that offers similar convenience to attendees will help foster a better overall experience. We live in a multi-device world, whether home or away.

5. Connectivity

It’s hard to believe but some hotels still fail to deliver even the most basic of WiFi connections. That’s fine if guests are enjoying an off-grid break but event attendees rarely want to be off-grid. Very much the opposite if the event is work related. The right accommodation for your attendees simply must meet their needs for connectivity.


In Conclusion

Accommodation is often a big part of the attendee event experience so it’s important to make sure that it meets their needs. That includes providing home comforts, a good working environment and information relating to the event itself. This is quite the challenge but hoteltech has it covered and is evolving as quickly as user needs change. All we need to do now is connect the dots between eventtech and hoteltech.

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