7 Friends Every Successful Event Planner Needs

Events require an interdependence between several people and several industries in order to work. To be a successful event planner, you’re going to need these friends.

There are elements of the job that require vendors for decor, and linens. There are other elements of the job that require collaboration with chefs and entertainment. Event planners even have to work alongside IT guys and government officials.

We’ve said it before, but the collaborative nature of the events industry means that as a planner your network is truly invaluable to you. A successful event planner is the planner who has various friends and networks she can tap into to help inspire her at work.

7 Friends Every Successful Event Planner Needs

Friends of the Successful Event Planner

The list below details 7 of the friends a successful event planner needs. The list is by no means exhaustive, and is meant to show how having a dynamic and diverse network to pull from, can help sharpen the tools in your planner’s repertoire:


1. A Copywriter

Effective event planning requires an awful lot of content creation. The kind of content can range from ebooks and webinars, to blog posts and email newsletters, or even social media campaigns and sales pages. All of that content needs to be written, and it needs to be excellent. Even if you don’t want to hire a copywriter to crank out some of that content for you, it can be really helpful to know one! A copywriter can give you ideas on SEO optimization, and can be a great sound board to bounce ideas off of.

2. A DMC

A friend at a Destination Management Company is a good friend to have. There are several instances where your event will take place in a city (or even a country) that you are not entirely familiar with. DMC’s exist to fill in this service. A friend at a Destination Management Company can clue you in to good venue choices, special deals, in addition to any regional or cultural situations you may not be privy to.

3. A Lawyer

A successful event planner needs to have a good grasp on the law. And law comes into play for more than just drafting up contracts, but also for issues of liability management, and insurance and zoning requirements. It is very important that as an event planner you are comfortable dealing with the law (because being on the wrong side of it doesn’t even sound fun). Knowing a lawyer is sure to put you on the path to finding the perfect person to help get you acquainted with the legal aspects of event planning.

4. A Brand Believer

One of the most important friends an event planner can have, is someone who is respected in the industry and who can (and often does) vouch for your skills. As an event planner, each event you plan is attributed to your own personal brand. Your brand determines your reputation, which in turn affects each aspect of your job. A friend who believes in your work, and speaks highly of your brand, will help to position you as an expert and lend credibility to your image.

Having someone who believes in you and your work enough to share it, and speak highly of it is one of the hallmarks of quality content and service.

5. A Graphic Designer

Similar to the copywriter, the true extent of their assistance extends beyond their obvious ability as a service provider. Having the ability to talk with a graphic designer can help you to understand how to better curate pictures and graphics for your various social media campaigns. They can also weigh in on the UX and UI of your websites, blogs and event apps.

Not to mention, graphic designers know other professionals across many niches. Having a friend who knows many niche designers, photographers, and illustrators could land you a collaboration or connection for a future event

6. An Event-Techie

There are so many elements of event tech that planners have to keep up with! Having a techie friend who understands the specific needs of event planners would be amazing! Your event-techie friend doesn’t have to be a software developer or engineer, either – just someone who understands the technology trends that affect the events industry, and has a few fingers on the pulse of what is going on.

This person could be an avid event-tech blogger, a vendor at a tradeshow, or a connection from a conference or industry group. The point is, having a friend with a true understanding of the technical side of events can open you up to innovations and connections you may never have considered on your own.

7. A Travel Agent

Coordinating group travel plans is a tricky task. A friend who is a travel agent has the inside scoop on the fluctuations in travel rates. In addition, they can provide you with more targeted advice on locations and destinations, travel options and hotels. Similar to having a friend at a DMC, a travel agent has the ability to help you find deals, connection, and information about your destination.

In Conclusion

Event planning is a career that leans heavily on an interplay between industries. Similarly, event planners themselves will need to reach out and seek advice, counsel, or collaboration with others. Having a few friends in various industries can only benefit you.

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