20 Quirky Alternatives To Exhibition Shell Scheme

Stand out from the crowd at exhibitions and trade shows to get your booth noticed by avoiding shell scheme and using one of these quirky alternatives.

A shell scheme is the basic modular design for a booth at an exhibition and is usually rented or provided as a basic frame for exhibitors as part of their exhibition package. Shell scheme can be functional with different coloured walls available. Alternatively you can incorporate bespoke printed designs into the framework. They generally come in one meter square modules that are adaptable to make a closed or open space. It can be cost effective for exhibitors to opt for shell schemes because it clearly defines your space on the show floor and can be “dressed up” as you wish. It can however limit your creativity and make it hard to stand out from your competitors and other exhibitors on the busy trade show floor.

If you have the budget, look at a space-only exhibitor package and creating a bigger impact. By doing something more eye catching by changing up the walls, layout or actual booth area itself this should draw attention and drive more attendees to your booth. Here are 20 inspiring examples to get you started.

20 Quirky Alternatives To Exhibition Shell Scheme

1. Jumbo Blocks

Essentially giant, adult Lego blocks, these are highly adaptable and can make walls, furniture and plenty of shapes to create an interesting booth area. They are colourful and will stand out on the exhibition floor, as well as being quite fun to experiment with and put together!

Credit: Tirana Street Kitchen and EverBlock Systems


2. High Rise

Remove the shell scheme and use the upward space for signage and branding, such as banners, aerial decor or an art installation. This can attract attention from a distance and make full use of the generally redundant space above. Be sure to discuss your plans with the exhibition organizer and venue to ensure suitable rigging points are available and determine safe working and erection protocol.

3. Inflatable

Add some fun to your booth by making some or all of it inflatable, for example the walls, adding an adult ball pit, bouncy castle or even incorporating an assault course. This can entice attendees and encourage participation as well as serving as a unique ice breaker for excellent networking. On a smaller scale, you could use balloon arches or structures to make the walls of your booth and brand the balloons as a signage or sponsorship opportunity.

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