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Aventri Virtual Event Platform [Review]

By EventMB Studio Team

Aventri Virtual Event Platform is part of Aventri's all-in-one event software designed to support virtual, hybrid, and in-person events and to enable planners to easily transition events between the different formats. Here is our review.


What Is It?

Aventri's event platform began as a registration tool over 10 years ago and has since evolved into an end-to-end platform that has most recently begun supporting virtual and hybrid events. As an all-in-one platform, Aventri allows planners to build out their event within the tool and host virtual and hybrid events without the need to integrate with external suppliers.


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Due to the current uncertain nature of many events, Aventri is focusing on facilitating the transition between different event formats by enabling planners to switch their event from in-person to virtual, and vice versa, within the platform. Aventri also includes a mobile app that mirrors the virtual platform and can be used for in-person and hybrid events.

In addition, Aventri incorporates several reporting features to give planners an overview of their event performance and help prove ROI to various stakeholders. The platform comes with free, unlimited support, along with the option to purchase additional support packages depending on the event needs.


Main Feature Categories

Engagement. Aventri's virtual event platform provides several engagement features that attendees can utilize throughout the event, including chat (both general and session-specific), live Q&A, and live polling. Depending on the event settings determined by the organizer, attendees can upvote and comment on each other's questions during sessions. On the Social Wall module, which can be moderated, participants can share and interact with posts.

Seeing an industry need to help exhibitors drive real value from exhibiting virtually and their virtual event sponsorships, the platform also includes Aventri Digital Lead Capture, which is specifically designed to allow attendees to engage with exhibitors. Attendees can view exhibitor booths, speak directly with company representatives to find out more about their offerings, complete surveys, and more. Through the attendee list, event participants can view and search for other attendees as well as chat with each other and connect on social platforms, as long as they have included links to their social profiles. These features are also all available on the Aventri mobile app, allowing on-site attendees to engage with the same content as virtual attendees during hybrid events.

Streaming. Aventri has native video streaming capabilities, meaning that planners do not need to integrate third-party tools such as Zoom to host their virtual events (although Aventri allows for this if desired).

The platform's native streaming features two session formats:

1. Presentation, which allows for up to 10,000 attendees

2. Collaborative, which allows up to 250 attendees. 

The presentation feature is best-suited to keynote-style sessions, while the collaborative format allows attendees to share their video and audio to participate in the session. Speakers can upload their presentations directly to the platform, while hosts can moderate questions as they're asked.

Sessions can also be recorded if needed and hosted on the platform as on-demand content for up to three months, or up to a year at an additional cost. Event organizers are otherwise free to download recorded content and embed it on an external website.

Reporting. Within the backend of the platform, planners can view various analytics on their event performance. Planners have access to both real-time stats, such as how many attendees are currently in a session, as well as post-event metrics, such as most popular sessions or number of session views. The platform also provides sponsor-specific analytics, including the number of clicks on banner ads and which attendees joined calls with exhibitors through the Digital Lead Capture function.

Support. Aventri provides unlimited, around-the-clock support for its platform, which is included in the cost of the service. In addition, planners are given a special phone number to contact during their event for priority support if they need it. Aventri also offers additional support packages through its professional services team, including the option to have them build out the whole event and provide speaker training, at an additional cost.



Aventri Virtual Event Platform is fully integrated within Aventri's full event solution, allowing planners to convert any event to a virtual or hybrid event if needed, as well as manage all of their event data in one place. In order to switch an in-person event to virtual, planners can toggle the format in the backend, which will automatically move the event details to the virtual platform, along with links to access the sessions through Aventri's native video streaming.

The platform is completely browser-based, so attendees are not required to download anything in order to access it. It can be fully branded to the event, although there is an additional cost to remove Aventri's branding.

Collaborative sessions offer attendees more options to define aspects of their own experience. They can pin videos, move the speaker video to different areas of the screen, and adjust the presentation and speaker video size. This session type also allows attendees to engage in the chat as well as view a list of other people who are currently in the session. If multiple presentations are uploaded during collaborative sessions, the host can toggle between them instead of having different speakers share their screens.

Aventri provides standard sponsorship opportunities, including brandable real estate on the homepage, rotating banner ads, and within the sponsor list. However, the platform also includes Aventri Digital Lead Capture, which enables attendees to click into virtual booths when exhibitors are available and either join calls about a specific topic or connect with company representatives. Data on which attendees connected with exhibitors and how they engaged with this tool can then be viewed through the platform's backend analytics.


Who’s it for?

Aventri’s inclusion of a registration tool and native video/audio capabilities allow for virtual events that don't require external tools or integrations for these functions, making it a solid option for events in a range of sizes and industries. Planners who are looking for flexibility when it comes to pivoting between in-person, hybrid, and virtual events may also find Aventri suitable to their needs.


Who’s it not for?

Aventri Virtual Event Platform currently offers basic chat and attendee search, but may not be the best fit for events that require sophisticated matchmaking functionality beyond that. In addition, the platform relies on integrations for live translation and interpretations, so planners looking to emphasize accessibility should keep that in mind.



Native video streaming: Aventri Virtual Event Platform includes native video and audio and therefore does not require the use of third-party integrations to stream sessions. However, the platform does support integrations if the organizers wish to use other tools.

On-demand content: Sessions within Aventri can be recorded in order to be made available on demand if needed. Event organizers can set presentation sessions to automatically record when they begin, and can also give hosts the ability to start recording collaborative sessions. Session recordings may then be made available on demand on the platform for 90 days by default, or for one year at an additional cost. They may also be downloaded by the client for use elsewhere.

Session management: Event organizers can manage session attendance and capacity in a variety of ways using Aventri's registration system. The platform allows planners to restrict attendance based on ticket or registration category, and they can also create lists of specific attendees to register for mandatory sessions. Or, they can simply give attendees the freedom to choose which sessions to attend.

Polls and Q&A: Q&A is available by session, so attendees can click into the specific session they're participating in and ask their questions. Hosts can then moderate the questions before making them public, at which point they can be upvoted by other attendees. Hosts can also mark questions as answered, which can be viewed in the event reporting so that speakers can follow up with attendees about unanswered questions if they wish to. Polls can be set up by session, or for the event as a whole. Organizers can designate specific times during which to run certain polls and also have the option to include images.

Aventri digital lead capture: For events with exhibitors, the Digital Lead Capture feature allows exhibitors to create their own virtual booths and interact with attendees during the event. Attendees can see when exhibitors are live in their booth and request to join a one-on-one call to learn more about a topic of interest. Planners can then provide engagement data to exhibitors post-event.

System check: Before beginning a session, speakers and hosts have the ability to check their system to ensure that everything is running smoothly. The compatibility test checks HTML5, Cookies, Javascript, and Internet Speed, and also includes a troubleshooting guide to assist with any issues. Speakers can also do a meeting test to check their video, audio, and microphone.

Social wall: One of Aventri's main event modules is a Social Wall, which allows attendees to share posts and interact with others by liking and commenting, as long as these features have been enabled by the organizers. Posts can be moderated before they're posted, and they can also be deleted by moderators once they're live. In addition, planners have the option to enable external social sharing to Facebook and Twitter.

Custom branding: Aventri Virtual Event Platform can be customized based on the event branding, which also carries over to the website, registration form, and Aventri mobile app. In order to fully white-label the platform, Aventri's logo may be removed for an additional cost.


Pricing and Plans

Aventri provides different plans depending on the number of event attendees:

  • keyboard_arrow_right Starter: Less than 500 attendees
  • keyboard_arrow_right Plus: Up to 1,000 attendees
  • keyboard_arrow_right Enterprise: Custom

For more information on Aventri's pricing and plans, visit their website to schedule a demo.

Pros and Cons

  • All-in-one tool doesn't require third-party integrations
  • Includes free, unlimited, in-house 24/7 support
  • Includes dedicated support during events
  • Platform is browser based, so no download is required
  • Native video streaming capability
  • All data is securely stored in the Aventri cloud


  • Currently no matchmaking feature for networking
  • Maximum session capacity of 10,000 attendees
  • No gamification


In Conclusion

As part of Aventri's full event management software, Aventri Virtual Event Platform is an all-in-one solution that allows planners to host both virtual and hybrid events and switch between formats as needed. The integrated mobile app also enables on-site attendees to engage in the same content as remote participants

Stay tuned for an update scheduled for April featuring a brand new user interface, advanced networking features, and more.

Disclaimer: Reviews are paid for placements. While Event Manager Blog receives a fee to extensively look at the tool and review it in detail, the content of the review is independent and by no means influenced by the company. If you have any questions please use the contact us section.

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