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Taking Your Brand On The Road: Choosing The Right Event Space

By Guest Author

There are innumerable benefits to active, geographically targeted events over their passive and static counterparts. When it comes to reaching your audience, convenience is king - and taking your brand to your target customer’s doorstep can be the key to tapping a wider market.


Many businesses, both large and small, are now opting to taking their message on the road to generate new leads - and it’s clear this poses a number of business benefits.

Choosing the venue can be half the battle - as each event space inevitably has its own pros and cons. This is especially true when businesses are committing to a road show or exhibition requiring a mobile event space - which comes with its own limitations.

In order to make maximum brand impact, it’s essential that the mobile event space you’re committing to not only meets your needs but has the flexibility and capacity to go the extra mile.

The Budget Options

Event venues can seriously cut into a marketing budget and, as such, smaller mobile venues are becoming increasingly prevalent. These smaller trucks and event vans offer SMEs a chance to get their name out there at exhibitions and events around the country.

Used for everything from product demonstrations to free giveaways, the promotion vans offer a compact solution, ideal for smaller events or businesses operating on a tight budget. They are often available in a self-drive format and can be kitted out with branded goods by the supplier - or left to you to adorn with your own branding and graphics.

The Branded Big Guns

Big brands and major players on the events circuit are seeking the ultimate event space on the go. Exhibition trailers are the solution to large scale roadshow marketing, with these mammoth vehicles capable of expanding to two or three times their size - but, handily, collapsable to a standard trailer size for transportation.

The large scale venues offer businesses the chance to host outdoor or remote events, rather than being confined to static indoor venues. Many medium and large businesses are harnessing the versatility offered by these event trailers and offering attendees new ways to engage with their brand - with everything from mobile showrooms, taster lessons, conferences, lectures and training classes possible in these portable spaces.

Pop-up Venues

Although less versatile than their wheeled counterparts, pop-up venues remain increasingly popular event spaces - offering an unparalleled ‘cool’ factor and remaining somewhat easily transportable. Many businesses are using pop-up venues - including inflatable marquees and graffitied shipping containers - to offer their attendees everything from standard product displays to offbeat retail spaces.

The Digital Roadtrip

With such rapid advancements in mobile technology, it’s only natural that marketers are integrating smart phones with their events. From live event tweeting to geotagging, allowing attendees to check in, there are a number of ways marketers can take advantage of their audience’s mobile internet access to drive engagement and capture data at an event.

Many businesses are looking at integrated technology within the event space, which easily accessible by attendees. In the past, this has ranged from mobile workstations - where attendees can receive taster training sessions on new software - to interactive multi-media interfaces, allowing visitors to explore the benefits of the particular product or service on offer from a touchscreen display.

Other crowd pleasers - aimed at encouraging attendees to stay within the event space and engage with the message on offer - include free mobile phone charging stations and free Wi-Fi access. The possibilities for integrating technology with mobile event spaces is practically limitless, meaning businesses no longer have to sacrifice this communication channel at road shows and outdoor events.

The synergy between event and digital marketing is only set to increase as smartphone usage around the world continues to grow.

In Conclusion

The benefits of road shows and brand events in multiple geographic locations are clear - taking your event (and therefore your product) directly to your customer and allowing businesses to cast a wider geographical net on potential buyers. With a wide range of mobile event venues on offer, there’s no excuse for businesses looking for impact not to hit the road.

Adam-Hope picAdam Hope is an event marketer and blogger for The Events Structure - a specialist provider of event marketing vehicles. Keep on top of event marketing news by following The Event Structure on Twitter.

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