22 Christmas Event Ideas

Throw the perfect festive party this season using some of these Christmas event ideas to bring holiday cheer to all your attendees.

Mix up the clichés, keep it classy and ensure the perfect Christmas event (or themed event if you’re reading this post-December.) It can be difficult to stand out during the holidays, particularly when there are many universal themes and ideas that can make parties and events blend into one another. However, with a bit of eventprof creativity, traditional ideas can be turned into wow factor and some of these inspirational elements can help you nail it.

22 Christmas Event Ideas
  1. Temporary Ice Rink

A way to entertain large crowds and also retain the magic of Christmas is with a temporary ice rink, particularly if it can be in the open air to give an authentic atmosphere. These can be adjusted to suit your event space and don’t always have to be made out of real ice (for those with a warmer Christmas) as synthetic rinks are increasing in popularity.

Credit: Ds Happening

  1. Twinkle Tunnel

Pop up events and ideas like this are a way of getting people talking and raising awareness at this photo opportunity. The lights create a pretty ambiance and look stunning during the day as well as in the afternoon and are guaranteed to have many people posing.

Credit: Creating a Scene Inc., CF Polo Park Shopping Centre, MK Illumination Canada

  1. Balloon Grotto

Santa’s grotto is a traditional element for a Christmas party but if you don’t fancy the queues or hiring the real thing then you can recreate the effects! This example is an impressive display of balloon art that has everything from the candy cane lights to elves, trees and magical backdrops.

Credit: Magic World Party

  1. Natural Centerpieces

Take inspiration from the season in your centerpieces, like in this simple example that uses burlap material combined with natural winter forest elements such as the holly, berries and pinecones. A simple floating candle can also create impressive lighting effects.

Credit: Set The Mood Decor

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