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Want to Impress Clients? Know Your Corporate Entertainment Trends

By Julius Solaris

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This is a guest post by Amy Capron. She is currenty media manager for Scarlett Entertainment, the destination entertainment specialists. Amy is passionate about events and you can keep up to date on the latest event and entertainment trends by following her on twitter. Submit your guest post here.


The world of corporate entertainment is ever changing, as businesses and corporate event planners strive to stay ahead of the latest entertainment trends. But what makes a certain type of entertainment popular one year, then fall out of favour the next?

Water rocket Show1

Last year was all about James Bond Themed entertainment thanks to the release of ‘Skyfall’ and the 50th anniversary of one of the longest running film franchises. This year there are plenty of unique and exciting shows that are predicted to be big in the corporate entertainment world thanks to technology and pop culture.

This article is a handy guide to help enthusiastic event planners stay one step ahead of the competition and impress clients with their entertainment know how!

Why Do Certain Types of Corporate Entertainment Become Popular?

Like practically everything nowadays, most types of corporate entertainment fall in and out of fashion. What is popular entertainment one year, may fall out of favour with event planners and companies the next.

But what determines what act or show becomes a hit? Entertainment trends reflect what is big in the world of movies, music and television. Remember Diversity from Britain’s Got Talent? When they exploded on to the urban dance scene by appearing on BGT, entertainment agencies were flooded with enquiries for urban street dance acts for a range of corporate events.

The same can be said for Phillip Phillips’ appearance – and subsequent win - on American Idol last year. You can bet that talent agencies across the US were inundated with requests for this latest ‘big thing’. If big bands like Take That or Lady Gaga announce a new album or world tour, enquiries for tribute acts to these chart topping artists increase noticeably for corporate parties and other events.

What Corporate Entertainment Is Hot Right Now?

Following the release of the box office hit Pitch Perfect at the end of 2012, there has been a surge in popularity for acapella groups and barber shop quartets in 2013.

The new movie smash hit of the year ‘Man of Steel’ has inspired the theme for many events so far this year, as talent and entertainment agencies experience a flood of enquiries for ‘superman’ type lookalikes and performers!

Increasingly, technology is playing a central role in corporate entertainment as businesses and event planners strive to stay one step ahead of emerging technologies and entertainment trends.

Corporate entertainment is constantly evolving to include new technology as performers attempt to create unique acts for corporate events. There is a huge appetite for wow factor entertainment that uses technology to incorporate corporate messages, logos and branding.

Popular entertainment at present would include multimedia performance shows, ipad magicians & caricaturists, LED dance acts, Blacklight performers and video mapping shows.

What Entertainment Will Be Big for Corporate Events This Year?

Unique and exciting acts and shows are emerging within the corporate entertainment industry on a daily basis. The acts and shows that are predicted to be big this year push the boundaries of wow factor entertainment, as event planners and businesses try to stay ahead of the competition and strive to ‘stand out’.

With growing expectations, the bar is lifted for entertainment that is new
and daring. Both the Lords of Lighting and the Water Rocket Show are predicted to be big within the corporate entertainment industry this year.

Lords Of Lightning1

The Lords of Lighting show – whose you tube video has had nearly 5 million views – sees the two performers in this utterly amazing act harness four million volts of electricity as they interact and battle with lightning.

The Water Rocket Show could also be a major hit amongst corporate events for 2013. This daredevil show is an extreme performance that uses the latest water jetboards to create a unique aquatic stunt show.

Stay Ahead of the Game

As an event planner, it is your job to find out what is ‘hot’ and new on the corporate entertainment scene to make sure that your events stay fresh, draw attention or provide added ‘wow factor’.

One way event planners and event professionals can keep ahead of current trends when it comes to corporate event entertainment is to keep up to date with what’s big in the world of music, technology, movies and pop culture.

Read relevant blogs, subscribe to entertainment magazinesand trawl the internet for posts from forward thinking event planners, entertainers and other event professionals.

By ‘being in the know’ and impressing clients, your services will be called upon time and again to keep producing events that are unique, exciting and capture the audience’s imagination.

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