Pivot to Virtual – a Two-Hour Special Online Event

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Coronavirus has taken the event industry by storm. Many events have been canceled and sponsors are pulling out of their commitments. Is cancellation the only option?


No. Events should avoid cancellation wherever possible. They should move online.


Pivot to Virtual will be a two-hour dive into the key challenges, crisis management strategies, and solutions needed for meetings and events, featuring EventMB editors in conversation with leaders in the event industry.


Join eight industry experts to navigate through these turbulent times. This is what you’ll learn:


  • keyboard_arrow_right What the WHO and CDC are asking planners to do to keep attendees safe
  • keyboard_arrow_right How to decide to cancel and what to tell your attendees
  • keyboard_arrow_right How to manage the virtual experience from a production perspective
  • keyboard_arrow_right How to make money with digital events from a case study
  • keyboard_arrow_right How to use event apps for online event engagement


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  • keyboard_arrow_right Wednesday, March 18, 2020
  • keyboard_arrow_right 12pm EDT/ 9am PDT/ 5pm CET
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Sessions and Speakers


An Analysis of the Current Situation: What the WHO and CDC Are Asking Planners to Do to Keep Attendees Safe

  • Julius Solaris

    Founder and Editor in Chief, EventMB





  • Dylan Monorchio

    Deputy Editor, EventMB

    Dylan started his journey in an event tech support team, where his role evolved to encompass marketing and educational resource development. Today, as EventMB's Deputy Editor, Dylan produces a range of educational and hot-topic content for event professionals.



COVID-19 Crisis Communication: What You Should and Shouldn't Say

  • Adele Cehrs

    Crisis Communication Expert

    Heralded as a crisis communications expert, by the Wall Street Journal Adele Cehrs has worked with high-profile clients like Vice President Joe Biden, the CEO of Lockheed Martin Marillyn Hewson and the owner of the Washington Monumental Sports Ted Leonsis.

    As a well-respected entrepreneur, Adele was recently recognized as a "business wonder-woman" by the Washington Business Journal.

    She has also spoken at the United Nations and her talk was broadcasted on United Nations Television and translated into eight languages. She is the author of the book: Spike Your Brand ROI: How to Maximize Results.

  • Chip Massey

    Crisis Communication Expert

    Former FBI hostage negotiator and special agent, Chip Massey is a partner at the When and How Agency and helps companies like Goldman Sachs, MetLife. 

    He has worked with the CIA to track down spies, lead high-profile criminal cases, and counter-terrorism investigations. Worked extensively in crisis situations, international kidnappings and fugitive apprehensions.

    As a business leader, Massey has worked with start-ups, corporations and nonprofit leaders on crisis situations, high-stakes negotiations and advanced interview techniques.


How to Manage the Virtual Experience

  • Brent Rogers

    Vice President, Digital at PSAV

    With a background in Information Technology, Brent has spent the past fifteen years bringing technology solutions to the meetings industry. Brent and the Digital team created PSAV’s digital solutions such as Content Management Systems, Audience Engagement Systems, Virtual Event Solutions, Digital Signs, and Mobile Solutions.

    More recently, following the acquisition of Concise, the Concise and Digital teams were merged to combine technology solutions and build new event solutions. Brent has been with PSAV since 2009. He was brought on board because of his proven track record of providing clients with creative and valuable technology solutions.


Top Considerations for Planners Going Virtual

  • Taylor Estes

    President & CEO, Apple Box LLC

    Taylor Estes is an event production enthusiast and entrepreneur, helping companies drive business results using events as a catalyst. With over 15 years of industry experience, Taylor uses a balance of skills, both technical and creative to deliver events that matter, knowing that authentic human connection matters most. 

    Taylor is Co-Founder / CEO of Apple Box, a boutique event production agency based in Atlanta, offering consultation, experience design and production management for live events. True collaboration from concept to completion using a high-tech toolbox. That’s Apple Box.

  • Joseph Estes

    Co-Founder & Head of Production at Apple Box LLC
    Joseph Estes is an event producer with a background in creative design, technical direction and project management. He is wired to serve people and solve problems. With 13 years of industry experience, Joseph has always prioritized relationships and has developed a broad network of experts that he relies on for deep insights and innovative solutions to the toughest live event challenges.... and as we all know, there are plenty of them.


How to Use Event Apps for Online Event Engagement

  • Mike Piddock

    Founder and CEO, Glisser

    Mike is the Founder and CEO of Glisser, award winning audience engagement software. Prior to forming Glisser, Mike was a Chief Marketing Officer working in the telecoms and financial services industries, where he was responsible for multi-million dollar budgets with a significant weighting towards client and employee events. Most recently Mike was at Octopus Investments, a London fund manager and venture capital company, where he helped grow assets under management from £500m to £4 billion in five years. Octopus ran over 200 events each year, yet by streamlining the meeting design approach and deploying technology and resources effectively, employed just one Events Planner.


Making Money From Digital Events - A Case Study

  • William Thomson

    MD, Gallus Events

    William ran his first paid for online event in 2005 "controversially" charging the same price for the online as the physical event. William now runs Europe's largest online training and virtual events business for executive assistants, Practically Perfect PA.

    As an organiser and business strategist, William is a firm believer in the role that virtual has in replacing revenue from physical events. 


Meaningful Connections: Networking and Gamification in Virtual Events - Q&A session

  • Corey McCarthy

    Chief Marketing Officer, Socio

    Corey McCarthy has more than twenty years’ experience in media and tech. As Socio’s Chief Marketing Officer, Corey and her team bring event organizers impactful tech and thought leadership that truly delivers success. In her former life, Corey ran a portfolio brand for Penton Media, and has extensive insights into all facets of the event, digital media, and publishing businesses.



Digital Live Scribing

  • Chris Shipton

    Scribe and Art Director at Live Illustration Ltd.

    Chris Shipton is a cartoonist and a graphic recorder. He visualises meetings and events across the world for many big brands using a big bit of paper and a pen. His mission is to bring meetings to life through engaging visuals.
    Career highlights include drawing at the COP 21 Climate Conference in Paris, illustrating a meeting on the eve of BREXIT at the European Parliament and drawing for a BBC News Facebook Live during an election (and the torrent of online ‘feedback’ in the comments).

    Chris will be remotely supporting this meeting, creating graphic summaries of the topics discussed throughout.


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