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10 Awesome Entertainment Ideas for Your Event

By Amy Capron

Event entertainment is big business. Event planners are simply spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing acts and performers for events, as there are a plethora of entertainment ideas to choose from.

Bond tribute acts and stunt shows were hugely popular lately, thanks to the release of ‘Skyfall’ and the celebration of 50 years of this successful film franchise. But today, there is a whole host of new and exciting acts ready to capture imaginations and seriously entertain the masses!

Event planners need to stay ahead of the game when booking entertainment to ensure that their event is fresh, talked about (for the right reasons!) and most of all impresses all the right people.

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Our Top 10 Entertainment Ideas for Events

To assist event planners in choosing fresh and unique entertainment, we have compiled a list of Top 10 entertainment ideas for the here and now. As well as being unique and exciting, we are predicting that these acts will be hugely sought after for events this year and beyond!

10. DJ’ing & VJ’ing

DJ VJ events

Simultaneously mixing music and visuals, this concept really is the future of club-style entertainment. Bringing music to life, this entertainment option can also add a social media element that allows guests to tweet their requests! The DJ can also include logos, videos and company visuals, making this the ideal entertainment for corporate events and launch parties!

Fresh option: add in projection mapping that pulsates to the beat of the music and transforms your space into something otherworldly.

9. iPad Magician

For technology and gadget lovers/events, iPad magicians are the perfect act to amaze and entertain your guests. iPad magicians perform bespoke shows that include, of course, magic and the use of ... erm... an iPad! This is entertainment for the digital age, and many high profile brands and events are eager to experience this unique brand of magical entertainment.

8. LED Dance shows

LED dance shows are proving to be a big hit so far this year, as event planners strive to find acts and performers that are unique and have added ‘wow factor’. LED dance shows are currently much sought after for launches, corporate events and concerts as they offer high tech entertainment that can include logos.

This entertainment option takes the urban dance act (so popular for the last few years thanks to shows like the ‘Got Talent’ franchise) to the next level!

Fresh option: LED robots come in various heights from R2D2 size to something much larger and menacing. Whether you have them jamming to the tunes or simply telling jokes and posing as an intriguing prop for selfies, it's something your guests will be talking about.

7. Aroma DJ

They say that smells trigger memories right? Well, why not ensure your guests remember your event with an aroma DJ! Using an ‘aroma laboratory’, these new and exciting DJs mix a blend of oils, incense and real pheromones; “controlling the vibes of the dance floor by mixing a seamless blend of scents!”.

Some of the celebrities/brands that have experienced this “journey through the world of fragrance” include Isabella Rossellini, Vogue and Christian Dior. Great alternative entertainment for product launches, club nights and festivals!

6. Motion capture – animated digital character

Bringing technology to life for trade shows, conventions and exhibition events! Using the latest technology of pre-programmed motion capture, an actor controls the animated character allowing full audience interaction!

Motion capture acts offer a choice of existing animated characters to choose from, or the option to create a bespoke animation if required. This is a must-have for technology related events or for those that are looking for modern entertainment that will impress audiences.

Fresh option: why relegate it to a single character? With augmented reality, your audience can be chasing and catching digital characters all night long.

5. Shadow Performers

As seen on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, this new and exciting form of entertainment is predicted to be hot this year! Shadow shows are, of course, part shadow act, part dance and part circus.

This entertainment option, in its current form, originated in the US and uses projected images and front-of-screen choreography to amazing effect! Ideal for product launches and other events, this is definitely one to watch this year!

Fresh option: there are a lot of Cirque Du Soleil-esque acts that perform stunning choreography while telling a story. Pair that with projection mapping and you have a captivating show.

4. Urban Street Entertainment

urban street event entertainment

Urban street entertainment has been experiencing a surge in popularity over recent years thanks to talent competition-style shows like ‘America’s Got Talent’ or Sky One’s ‘Got to Dance’. But new forms of urban street performance are evolving to keep up with demand for new and unique entertainment that has added ‘wow factor’. Urban Street entertainment that is fresh and exciting, or is predicted to be big this year:

• Beatboxers who perform with an instrument (i.e harmonica, flute etc), performing uptempo music that is combined with beatboxing and covers a range of genres from classical to movie soundtracks!

• Martial arts moves combined with urban street dance and ‘tricking’ (for those not in the know, ‘tricking’ is a kind of extreme sport where the performers do artistic flips and kicks). This entertainment option is great for launches, festivals, event openings and corporate events.

• Mixed urban dance and percussion groups whose shows include original, high-energy music (performed on everyday items like garbage cans and ladders) and choreography, as well as Cirque Du Soleil Style Acrobat's and Gymnastics, Silk Aerialist's, Jumping Boot Air Men and Contortionists! Be warned, though: this show contains serious ‘wow factor’.

3. iPad Caricaturist

iPac caricaturist event entertainment

Pen and paper is so last century! This year’s hot new thing is ipad caricaturists who will draw guests on handheld devices that can be printed, emailed or posted to social media sites instantly!

Popular as walk-around entertainment for corporate events, parties and weddings; or to help increase footfall at trade shows and conventions. Brands using iPad caricaturists include Google and Apple.

2. 3D Laser Man

A popular entertainment option for the first quarter of 2013, these futuristic shows push the boundaries of new 3D laser technology to great effect. Beams of light are manipulated and logos and images can also be incorporated into the show for corporate events. Brands using 3D laser man include Ferrari, Hyatt Hotels and IBM.

1. Vertical Performance Team

This is a unique and exciting entertainment option that will take high-profile launches and special events to dizzying new heights! Vertical performance shows offer something a little out of the ordinary; how about a troupe of acrobats who perform aerial routines whilst dangling from the side of a high-rise building?


Personalization is hot these days and entertainment is no different. Crowdsourcing entertainment options, having a select your own flower bar, and featuring tattoo artists with temporary tattoos are all great ways to get your audience more involved. But one of the funniest is to invite them into a video booth and record them doing ordinary things. Then slow the video down and set it to music and you have something like this: Amazeballs.


In Conclusion

These entertainment ideas will thrill audiences with vertical spectacular productions and outstanding live shows! Plus, best of all, if you give them something amazing to "talk" about, they'll light up the social media sphere. Just don't forget that event hashtag!


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