The Environmental Footprint of an Event [Infographic]

We’ve heard events are one of the most wasteful industries, but are they really? Truth is, event footprints are a bit like fingerprints: each one is unique. And you can’t learn about yours until you pause to measure it.

Event Manager Blog has worked with MeetGreen to put together a handy infographic that shares researched information about a typical conference event footprint. Our aim: to give you an idea of what to measure, how to measure and a few tips you can follow to shrink your waste and carbon footprint.

To view the full infographic click on the image below:

EMB_image_ Click to see fullscreen

If you can’t see it click here.

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You are welcome to grab the code below and use it to show the infographic on your website, blog or social account.

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Shawna McKinley
Shawna McKinley is a sustainability specialist who believes in the power of events to make the world a better place. She helps eventprofs take practical, smart steps through zero waste and carbon conscious choices that generate social good, business value, and happy event participants. Read more on her blog, Eventcellany.
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